What role did the agricultural sector play in the economic crash of 1929? Taking evidence from country cases across Europe and the Americas, this edited volume explores short-, medium- and long-term perspectives on the primary sector.

The monograph brings together the voices of an international panel of contributors who examine issues such as falling prices, industrial production, unemployment and the stagnation of aggregate demand. Together, they frame the interwar period as a pivotal turning point in the decline of subsistence agriculture and the growth of agricultural subsidies, which remain a key policy tool in many economies today.

This illuminating book will be of interest to advanced students and researchers in economic history, agricultural history, globalization, and economic development.

1. Introduction – Agriculture and the Big Crash. The primary sector in the recession of the Thirties   Section I - The crisis in a long-term perspective   2. Agricultural crisis in Spain (19th and 20th centuries)   3. The Great Depression as Great Transformation? Global Food Regime Crisis and (Inter-)National Transition Pathways, 1925–39   Section II – The mechanisms of the crisis   4. The 1929 crisis from the perspective of a food-importing country: the United Kingdom, 1928-35   5. International markets, policy, and mobility. ‘Rural Italies’ in the 1930s recession   6. From Boom to Burst: Argentine's Primary Sector and the 1930s Crisis   7. The effects of the Great Depression on the agricultural economy of the tobacco-exporting countries in South-eastern Europe   8. The 1929 crisis in Hungary’s dual agriculture   9. The impact of the crisis on the Polish agriculture in the years 1929-1935   Section III – The crisis and the policies   10. Swedish agriculture and the crisis of the 1930s   11. Spanish agriculture and the Great Depression   12. Mexican agriculture in view of the crisis of the first globalization: between the revolutionary crisis and the Great Depression, 1914-1929   13. The problem of the wheat and the political answers to the agricultural crisis in France of the 1930s   14. Agriculture in Switzerland and the crises of the 1920s and 1930s 15. Conclusion. Agricultural Crises and Government Responses During the Interwar Period in the Atlantic Trading Network