First published in 2004. This five-volume major work is a comprehensive collection of primary sources which examine changing attitudes to sport in the late Victorian and Edwardian eras. At the beginning of the period few sports were regulated, but by the outbreak of the First World War organized sport had become an integral part of British cultural, social and economic life. Martin Polley has collected articles from a wide range of journals including Blackwood's Magazine, Nineteenth Century, Fortnightly Review and Contemporary Review, which reveal changing middle-class attitudes to sport. The five volumes cover the varieties of sport being promoted, sport and education, commercial and financial aspects of sport, sport and animals and the globalization of sport through empire. Volume 4 includes sport money- looking at the areas of professionalism and amateurism, as well as gambling.

part 8|163 pages

The Sports Industry

chapter 123|12 pages

‘A Defence of Deer Forests’

ByDonald Cameron of Lochiel

chapter 124|14 pages

‘Queen’s Plates—Horse Supply’


chapter 125|8 pages

‘Successful Fish-Culture in the Highlands’

ByJohn Bickerdyke

chapter 126|11 pages

‘Foxhunters and Farmers’

chapter 127|8 pages

‘The Cycle Market’

ByG. Lacy Hillier

chapter 128|11 pages

‘The London Game-Shops’

ByC.J. Cornish

chapter 129|12 pages

‘The Cycle Industry’


chapter 130|10 pages

‘Fox-Hunting and Agriculture’

ByGeorge F. Underhill

chapter 131|12 pages

‘The L.S.D. of Sporting Rents’

ByC.J. Cornish

chapter 132|8 pages

‘The Decay in Our Salmon Fisheries and its Remedy’

ByHely Hutchinson Almond

chapter 134|10 pages

‘The Writing of Books on Sport and Some Books of 1908’

ByF.G. Aflalo

chapter 135|18 pages

‘Golf During Thirty Years’

ByHorace G. Hutchinson

chapter 136|11 pages

‘Is Football a Business?

ByJ.J. Bentley

part 9|130 pages

Professionalism and Amateurism

chapter 137|2 pages


chapter 138|15 pages

‘The Degradation of British Sports’

ByW. Earl Hodgson

chapter 139|4 pages

‘Cricket and Cricketers’

chapter 140|10 pages

‘The New Football Mania

ByCharles Edwardes

chapter 141|14 pages



chapter 142|8 pages

‘The Football Madness’

ByErnest Ensor

chapter 143|8 pages

‘Professionalism and Sport’

ByN.L. Jackson

chapter 144|11 pages

‘The Parlous Condition of Cricket’

ByHorace G. Hutchinson

chapter 145|17 pages

‘The Game of Billiards’

chapter 146|6 pages

‘The Ethics of Football’

ByRobert J. Sturdee

part 10|208 pages

Betting, Gambling, and the Turf

chapter 148|11 pages

‘The State of the Turf’


chapter 149|13 pages

‘The Present State of the True’

ByHawley Smart

chapter 150|29 pages

‘Horse Racing’

chapter 151|14 pages

‘Turf Reform’

ByWilliam Day

chapter 152|10 pages

‘Betting, Gambling, and My Critics’

ByW.C. Peterborough

chapter 153|19 pages

‘The Ethics of the Turf’

ByJames Runciman

chapter 154|21 pages

‘Modern Gambling and Gambling Laws’

ByG. Herbert Stutfield

chapter 155|18 pages

‘The Evil of Betting and how to Eradicate it’

ByWilliam Day

chapter 156|10 pages

‘The Ethics of Gambling’

ByMartin Oliphant

chapter 157|11 pages

‘Our Sporting Zadkiels’

ByJ.W. Horsley

chapter 158|13 pages

‘Our Principles and Programme’

ByJohn Hawke

chapter 159|20 pages

‘The Art of Gambling’

chapter 160|7 pages

‘The Gambling Mania

ByJ.M. Hogge