First published in 2004. This set of 3 volumes collects together for the first time rare and scattered material on the history of pre-cinema. It includes articles on stereoscopic photography; the use of kaleidoscopes; optical illusions; theatre design; magic lanterns and mirrors; shadow theatre, and much more. The articles are taken from sources such as The Magazine of Science, The Art Journal, The British Journal of Photography, Scientific American, American Journal of Science and Arts, and The Mirror. Volume 2 includes the areas of Peepshows, panoramas and dioramas; Mirror projection, shadows, magic lanterns; and Various optical devices and effects.

part 1|125 pages

Peepshows, panoramas and dioramas

part |57 pages

The panorama

part |47 pages

The diorama

part 2|371 pages

Mirror projection, shadows, magic lanterns

part |321 pages

Magic lanterns

part |30 pages

'The Magic Lanterns (for Beginners)', Hobbies 1896/7

chapter Chapter I|2 pages

Toy Magic Lanterns.

chapter Chapter II|2 pages

Oil Lanterns for the Home or Lecture Room.

chapter Chapter III|1 pages

The Oil Lantern, Continued.

chapter Chapter IV|2 pages

The Limelight.

chapter Chapter V|2 pages

Lantern Slide Making.

chapter Chapter VI|1 pages

The Lantern for Pleasure and Profit.

chapter Chapter VII|2 pages

The Lantern for Pleasure and Profit,

chapter Chapter VIII|2 pages

The Lantern for Pleasure and Profit,

chapter Chapter IX|2 pages

The Lantern for Pleasure and Profit.

chapter Chapter X|2 pages

The Limelight.

chapter Chapter XI|2 pages

The Limelight, Continued.

chapter Chapter XII|2 pages


chapter Chapter XIII|2 pages


chapter Chapter XIV|4 pages

Lecturing, Continued.

part 3|27 pages

Various optical devices and effects

part |25 pages

Recreative science: a selection of pieces from The Popular Educator Vols 5 and 6, c. 1880s