Rural Accessibility in European Regions explores concepts, methodologies, and case studies dealing with accessibility in European rural areas, embracing cultural, socioeconomic, and governance aspects that play a key role for accessibility policies in rural and peripheral areas.

In the first part, the chapters introduce rural accessibility challenges, present a methodology to support policymaking for enhancing accessibility in rural areas and apply it to case studies in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Sweden. In the second part, additional cases from Poland, Germany, Greece, and France provide alternative approaches to the topic, and a research agenda is proposed. Overall, the book contributes to a conceptualisation of rural accessibility, addressing challenges and potentials for rural accessibility and urban–rural relationships in European regions.

The book fills a gap in the existing bodies of literature on accessibility and on rural planning, bridging the two spheres with an interdisciplinary approach to rural accessibility for mobility, planning, and regional studies.

Foreword. Editors’ Preface. 1. Rural Accessibility in European Regions: Exploring Uncharted Territory 2. Accessibility Challenges in European Rural Regions Part I. Urban-Rural Connectivity: Understanding Phenomena, Framing Policies 3. A Multilayer Approach to Support Policymaking Towards Greater Accessibility 4. Accessibility and Urban-Rural Connectivity in Marina Alta, Spain: Raising Awareness, Identifying Key Policies 5. Accessibility and Social Exclusion in Peripheral Territories: The Case of Scarborough, United Kingdom 6. Improving Accessibility to Reverse Marginalisation Processes in Valle Arroscia, Italy 7. Commuting and Labour Market Challenges in Swedish Sparsely Populated Areas Part II. Taking Up the Challenge: Experiences Across EU 8. Accessibility Dimensions and Changes in North-Eastern Poland: The Case of Podlaskie Region 9. Production Modes, Urban-Rural Relations and Rural Transport: North Pelion vis-à-vis Volos, Greece 10. "Bottom-Up" Mobility Services: Experiences with Community Transport in Germany 11. Bridging Tactics and Strategies for Mobility in Mountain Areas: The Example of Briançon, France 12. Learning from Experience: Towards a Research Agenda on Rural Accessibility