The nexus between travel, writing and media in the contemporary world is dense: travel practice is increasingly interwoven with media; representations in old and new media are co-present and converge. Digitisation has had a profound impact on the practice and mediation of travel, but this volume aims to show that travel and its representation have always been enlaced with media.

With contributions by experts in literary and cultural studies, journalism studies and informatics, the book takes a multi- and interdisciplinary approach and covers a wide range of media, from the hand-crafted album to social media. It illustrates how current transformations invite us to revisit earlier periods of travel writing and their media environments, and to explore the ways in which contemporary forms of mediation are prefigured by earlier practices and forms.

The book addresses readers interested in travel writing, travel studies and cultural studies.

Introduction  1. Travel in Social Media: From Historical Albums to Selfies and Stories  2. Travelling Texts and the Influence of Images: Nineteenth- Century Popular Geographical Travel Magazines  3. The Media Logic of Victorian Periodicals: Affordances for Travel Writing  4. Fleming, Maillart and Their Leicas: Photography and the Transformations of Interwar Travel Writing  5. German Radio Travelogues in the 1950s: Wolfgang Koeppen and Ernst Schnabel  6. Walking Books: Practices, Semantics and Mediations of Literary Walks  7. Binge-Watching the World: Contemporary Travel Television on Netflix  8. Video Games as Travel Writing  9. Harmful or Empowering Convergence?: The Female Traveller and Insta-Aesthetics — Selfies and Documentaries  10. Youth and Travel Narration: Exploring the Jade Hameister Archive  11. Challenging the Tourist Gaze?: Exploring Majority World Countriesʼ Instagram Influencer Practices and the Link to Citizen Travel Journalism  12. Travel Writing Between Poetics and Politics: Three Case Studies on the Genreʼs Mediati(sati)on