Certain consultants argue leaders can quickly, easily, and considerably alter their organization cultures to improve performance. Conversely, field researchers have described situations where leaders could do little to alter the existing organization culture. Between these extreme positions, a spectrum of varying degrees of leader influence exists, and organizations fall at various places along this spectrum.

This book presents five field studies dealing with team, service, and sales cultures where both expected and unexpected outcomes arose. In multiple instances, leaders hoped showing some employee appreciation would compensate for offering below market average wages. Several leadership groups were prospering based on cost cuts or increased sales. Those below often had their work intensified and they were experiencing greater stress. Eight paradoxical situations were uncovered and the interpretations of the participants were based in part on their personal work histories and the history of their current organization. In each case, evidence of employee informal organization and managerial operating cultures were documented.

Analyzing Organization Cultures uses detailed case studies of five work organizations to offer a comparative approach to analyzing organizational culture. It shows the latest state of knowledge on the topic and will be of interest to researchers, academics, and students in the fields of organizational studies, management history, human resource management, and organizational theory.

1 The Migration and Mutation of "Culture" Bruce Fortado and Paul Fadil 2 Self-Directed Teams and Peer Discipline at Finos Bruce Fortado and Lawrence O’Brien 3 The Organization Culture at Value Stores Bruce Fortado 4 Melding Six Sigma into the Organization Culture at Insuro Bruce Fortado 5 The Yin and Yang of Introducing a Sales Culture: The Amalgam Bank Case Bruce Fortado and Paul Fadil 6 The Organization Culture of Balbec’s Housing Department Bruce Fortado 7 Anticipating Reactions to Managerial Decisions Bruce Fortado 8 The Unifying Goal of Pleasing Customers Bruce Fortado 9 Conducting Organization Culture Analyses Bruce Fortado