This book provides an in-depth examination of the growing Asian tourism market and consumption in Arctic destinations.

Through five parts, the book covers Asian mobilities consumption as an extension of Arctic international politics, the transportation sector and green cruise tourism, and ethnicity, culture, and history. It contributes to further understanding of the impacts of increased tourism in these polar regions by exploring climate change, debates around emerging economies and global power roles in the political, socio-economic, security and legal issues of the Arctic and Antarctic and associated polar strategies and policy. By drawing on a range of disciplines and with contributions from experts in Arctic destinations or who are associated with the Arctic, it further provides a holistic framing of emerging demand and mobility patterns of Asian tourists in a polar context.

Asian Mobilities Consumption in a Changing Arctic will be valuable reading for students and academics across the fields of tourism, economics, sustainability, development studies as well as other social science disciplines.

Part 1 Setting the scene: Asian mobilities consumption and the Arctic.  1. Asia, mobilities, consumption power and the Arctic.  2. A critique on the non-critical application of Veblen´s conspicuous consumption: A perspective on Asian mobilities in the Arctic.  Part 2 Arctic politics and Asia mobilities.  3. Chinese tourism consumption vis-à-vis tourism development strategies in the Arctic.  4. Chinese tourism in the Russian Arctic and Far East: Implications of a China-Russia political partnership.  5. Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Chinese tourism – sustainable development in the face of otherness, growth, and power.  Part 3 Green cruise tourism and the potential new sea route between Asia and the Arctic.  6. Renewable energy-based cruise tourism for Asians in the Arctic: A perspective from northern Norway.  7. The Northeast Passage: Connecting China and the Arctic through cruise tourism?  Part 4 Ethnicity, culture, experiences and urbanisation.  8. "When I hear there’s going to be an Asian tourist ... ": The role of Asian ethnicity in the planning process of guided tours in Svalbard.  9. Thai mobility and consumerism at North Cape, Norway: Zooming in on a stone at a tourist Site.  10. Learning from an Arctic adventure tourism guide: An exploratory study of emotional labour when leading Chinese consumers.  11. The Chinese riddle: Tourism, China and Svalbard.  12. Embracing Chinese tourists in Iceland: The response of the tourism industry.  13. Designing winter cities: Arctic urbanisation and Asian mobilities consumption.  Part 5 Closing.  14. Sustainable mobilities consumption and Asia in a global Arctic: Observations and ways forward