Museum Innovation encourages museums to critically reflect upon current practices and adopt new approaches to their civic responsibilities. Arguing that museums have a moral duty to perform, the book shows how social innovation can make them more equitable, relevant and impactful institutions.

Including contributions from a diverse group of international scholars, practitioners and researchers, the book investigates the innovative approaches museums are taking to address contemporary social issues. The volume focuses on the concept of social innovation and individual chapters address a range of crucial issues, such as climate change; the COVID-19 pandemic; diversity and inclusion; the travel ban; and the repatriation of museum collections. Exploring the impact that organizational structures have on museums’ aspirations to act as agents for social change, the book also unpacks how museums can establish sustainable relationships with minority communities. Proposing steps that museums can take to affirm their relevance as viable community partners, the book breaks down silos and connects ideas across different areas of museum work.

Museum Innovation explores the role of contemporary museums in society. It is essential reading for academics, students and practitioners working in the museum and heritage studies field. The book’s interdisciplinary nature makes it also an interesting read for those working in business studies, digital humanities, visual culture, arts administration and political science fields.

Introduction Haitham Eid Section 1: Innovation in Museum Collections, Narratives and Exhibitions 1. No Môr Plastic: Youth-led Museum Interventions as Platforms for Change Sarah Younan and Jade Jenkins 2. The Future of Making Museum Exhibitions Kathleen McLean 3. Institutions of Displacement: Reflections on Art Collection in the English-Speaking Caribbean Daniela Fifi and Nimah Muwakil-Zakuri 4. Rewriting History: Recommended or Reviled? Liza Rogers, Fiona Cole-Hamilton and Jody Neal 5. Innovative Interpretations: NYC Museums Respond to the Muslim Travel Ban Melissa Forstrom 6. Interpretation of Gender in Egyptian Museum Displays Monica Hanna 7. The Development of the Exhibition of African Art in American Art Museums: Strategy for Engaging the Recent Repatriation Debate of Africa’s Cultural Property Ndubuisi Ezeluomba 8. Embodiment at the Edge of the Archive: Private Audience and Public Experience Seth Ellis 9. The Role of Art in Justice J. Wren Supak Section 2: Innovation in Digital 10. Being Digitally Purposeful Ross Parry 11. Deep Dives in Shallow Times: How Museums are Using Podcasts to Help Audiences Make Sense of the World Hannah Hethmon 12. The Lubbock Lake Landmark App: A Multiprong Approach to Digital Content and Accessibility Megan Reel, Jessica Stepp and Eileen Johnson 13. Innovation, Data and Social Responsibility Oonagh Murphy and Elena Villaespesa 14. No Hard Feelings! Sentiment Analysis as a Tool for Museum Professionals? Georgios Papaioannou Section 3: Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion Practices 15. Museums and Galleries Attendance Apathy in Nigeria: Advocacy for Inclusive Public Relations Intervention Anthony Okonofua 16. Creating Space, Cultivating Community, and Iterative Processes as Best Practice: The Native American Fellowship Program at the Peabody Essex Museum Jennifer Himmelreich and Karen Kramer 17. Reflections of Diversity, Oppression and Social Functioning of Special Populations through the Lens of Social Work Practice: How do American Museums Reflect the Intersectionality of Social Justice and Art? Samuel Odom 18. Trans Identity Narratives in Mainstream Museums: Contemporary Curatorial Innovations and their Discontent Serena Iervolino 19. Essential Elements of Successful Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion Initiatives Makeba Clay and Gia Harewood 20. Performance Art in Museum Spaces: Exploring the Complexities of the Human Condition Ilyanette Bernabel Section 4: Institution-Wide Innovation 21. Museums and Indigenous Voices: A Plea for Global Mindfulness Robert R. Janes 22. How Museums Can Benefit from the Skills and Expertise of Social Workers to Improve their Communities and Bring About Social Changes Glinda Powell 23. The Ontogeny of Museums: What’s Your Institution’s Future Path? Kathryn Matthew 24. Museums as Social Innovators: Creating Measurable and Sustainable Social Value in the Community Haitham Eid