This book, first published in 1973, presents the papers from the 3rd Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium. The necessity for interdisciplinary cooperation in research on the processes and terrain of the littoral zone is reflected here, and the central theme that emerges from all papers is the dynamic aspect of the coastal environment, and the way geomorphic principles can be used to solve problems.

Part 1. Coastal Processes  1. The Investigation of Form and Processes in the Coastal Zone Hayes, Owens, Hubbard and Abele  2. The Littoral Power Gradient and Shoreline Changes May and Tanner  3. Probable Causes of Shoreline Recession and Advance on the South Shore of Eastern Long Island McCormick  4. Dynamics of Beach Accretion in South Lincolnshire, England King  5. Sand Bars Along Low Energy Beaches, Multiple Parallel Sand Bars of Southeastern Cape Cod Bay, Part 1 Nilsson Transverse Bars, Part 2 Niedoroda  6. Depositional Structures and Processes in the Mouths of Small Coastal Streams, Southwestern Oregon Clifton, Phillips and Hunter  7. Beach Processes in an Arctic Environment McCann  Part 2. Barrier Islands  8. Bathymetric Projected Profiles and the Origin of Barrier Islands – Johnson’s Shoreline of Emergence, Revisited Fisher  9. Barrier and Lagoon Systems Along the Zululand Coast, South Africa Orme  10. Effects of Erosion on Barrier Island Morphology at Fire Island, New York Ruzyla  11. Comparison of Ecological and Geomorphic Interactions Between Altered and Unaltered Barrier Island Systems in North Carolina Godfrey and Godfrey  Part 3. Applications of Geomorphology  12. Barrier Islands: Natural and Controlled Dolan  13. Beach Profile Changes on Western Long Island Everts  14. Coastal Processes and Prehistoric Maritime Cultures Schwartz and Grabert  15. Morphology and Vertical Sedimentary Sequence Models in Holocene Transgressive Barrier Systems Craft, Biggs and Halsey  16. Coastal Dunes of Younger Bermuda Vacher