This volume explores the inner-workings of English-medium instruction (EMI) in higher education (HE) at two universities. After an introductory chapter that sets the scene and provides an essential background, there are four empirically based chapters that draw on data collected from a range of sources at two universities in Catalonia. This includes interviews, audio/video recordings of classes, audio logs produced by both lecturers and students, policy documents, students’ written work, and student presentation evaluation rubrics. These chapters examine the following issues: (1) the choice of either English or Catalan as the medium of instruction by students and lecturers; (2) how students display ambivalence towards EMI, as well as a general lack of enthusiasm towards and an ironic distance from 'doing education’; (3) how students resist EMI by contravening its English monolingual norm, using their L1s in the classroom; and finally, (4) how EMI lecturers on occasion act as English language teachers despite their continued claims to the contrary. The book ends with a concluding chapter that draws all of the strands together around key themes.

This book is written for scholars interested in issues surrounding EMI in HE in general, as well as those EMI in HE practitioners who have adopted a reflective approach to their professional practice and wish to know more about the ins and outs of EMI in HE from multiple perspectives. It is a useful resource for MA and PhD students on applied linguistics programmes in which the roles and uses of English in HE worldwide are deemed to be important and worthy of attention. Additionally, this will be relevant to courses or modules focusing on language policy, as well as curriculum issues more broadly and language teaching practice more specifically.

chapter |18 pages

The secret life of English-medium instruction

Setting the scene
ByDavid Block, Sarah Khan

chapter |24 pages

Language issues in EMI

When lecturers and students can choose the language of instruction 1
ByElisabet Arnó-Macià, Marta Aguilar-Pérez

chapter |27 pages

‘Being a student’ and ‘doing education’

A multimodal analysis of backstage and frontstage interactional episodes in EMI 1
ByBalbina Moncada-Comas

chapter |26 pages

Whispers of resistance to EMI policies

The management of Englishisation through alternative local multilingual practices and dissenting identities 1
ByMaria Sabaté-Dalmau

chapter |24 pages

NOT English teachers, except when they are

The curious case of oral presentation evaluation rubrics in an EMI-in-HE context 1
ByDavid Block, Guzman Mancho-Barés

chapter |13 pages

The secret life of English-medium instruction unraveled

BySarah Khan