Originally published in 1995, The Antievolution Pamphlets of Harry Rimmer is the sixth volume in the series, Creationism in Twentieth Century America. The volume brings together original sources from the prominent evangelist and pastor Harry Rimmer. The consortium of pamphlets in this volume detail Rimmer’s antievolutionist sentiments, a notion which characterized his early writings. The pamphlets detail Rimmer’s rhetoric on evolution and science from the early part of the 20th century as he travelled across America to disseminate his writings. The works in this volume address Rimmer’s polemic on the danger posed by modern science and the consequential disassociation with religion. While Rimmer did not discount science itself, he argued for, what he termed, ‘true science’, claiming that modern science was based only in scientific opinion and not fact. As a self-proclaimed scientist, these writings take a unique view of the relationship between religion and science from this period through Rimmer’s dual nature as both scientist and pastor. This volume will be of great interest to historians of natural history, science and religion.

Series Introduction  Volume Introduction  Harry Rimmer’s Antievolution Pamphlets  1. Embryology and the Recapitulation Theory  2. The Facts of Biology and the Theories of Evolution  3. The Theories of Evolution and the Facts of Palaeontology  4. The Theories of Evolution and the Facts of Human Antiquity  5. Modern Science and the First Day of Creation  6. Modern Science and the Second Day of Creation  7. Modern Science and the Third Day of Creation  8. Modern Science and the Fourth Day of Creation  9. Modern Science and the Fifth Day of Creation  10. Modern Science and the Sixth Day of Creation  11. Modern Science, Noah’s Ark, and the Deluge  12. Modern Science and the First Fundamental  13. Monkeyshines: Fakes, Fables, Facts Concerning Evolution  14. The Harmony of Science and the Scriptures  15. Modern Science and the Youth of Today  16. It’s the Crisis Hour in Schools and College  Acknowledgements