Fully updated to reflect changes in teacher education and the curriculum, the Fifth Edition of Learning to Teach English in the Secondary School explores the background to debates about teaching the subject, alongside tasks, teaching ideas and further reading to expand upon issues and ideas raised in the book.

Including chapters on planning, changes to the assessment system, language teaching, and cross-curricular aspects of secondary teaching, this new edition features:

  • changes in policy and practice, including the most recent GCSE reforms;
  • a new chapter on 'Media literacy in English';
  • a consideration of modern digital technology and how it underpins good practice in all areas of English teaching and learning; and
  • cross-referencing to guidance on assessment and well-being and resilience in the core text Learning to Teach in the Secondary School.

A key text for all student teachers, Learning to Teach English in the Secondary School combines theory and practice to present a comprehensive introduction to the opportunities and challenges of teaching English in the secondary school.

chapter 1|17 pages

Which English?

ByJohn Moss

chapter 2|18 pages

Battles for English 1894–2018

ByJon Davison

chapter 3|13 pages

English as a curriculum subject

ByMorlette Lindsay, John Yandell

chapter 4|23 pages

Speaking and listening

ByGabrielle Cliff Hodges, Elizabeth Rawlinson-Mills

chapter 5|15 pages


ByJane Coles

chapter 6|15 pages


ByGill Anderson

chapter 7|17 pages

Teaching language and grammar

ByAnne Turvey

chapter 8|16 pages

Media literacy and English

ByAndy Goodwyn

chapter 9|17 pages

Working with digital technologies

ByTheo Bryer

chapter 10|14 pages

Drama in teaching and learning English

ByAnton Franks, Theo Bryer

chapter 11|16 pages

Approaching Shakespeare

ByJohn Yandell, Anton Franks

chapter 12|25 pages

Possibilities with poetry

ByGabrielle Cliff Hodges, Elizabeth Rawlinson-Mills

chapter 13|17 pages

Advanced Level English

ByBarbara Bleiman

chapter 14|27 pages

Critical practice

ByJon Davison, Caroline Daly