Taking a novel approach to the concept of ‘voice’ within education systems, this insightful text considers the extent to which the values, opinions, beliefs and perspectives of pupils, families, teachers, and members of senior management are heard in educational settings, and explores what can be learned from integrating their views and opinions in decision-making processes.

Pupil, Teacher and Family Voice in Educational Institutions traces the historical and legal developments which have heralded an increased appreciation of individuals’ perspectives in key decision-making processes. Chapters consider how various parties can be encouraged to voice their opinions and beliefs, and address the issues and challenges which may face institutions as they seek to create an atmosphere of open and active consultation and engagement. Drawing on evidence-based research, case studies and personal accounts, chapters reflect upon the concept of ‘voice’ in diverse settings and acknowledge the sometimes significant divergence between the intended and actual extent to which such opinions, beliefs and perspectives are reflected in day-to-day practice.

Offering in-depth exploration of the concept of ‘voice’ and the benefits, implications, challenges and practicalities associated with it, this text will be of interest to future and in-service teachers, educational researchers and policy makers.

chapter 3|22 pages

On bilingualism in monolingual English classrooms

Voicing the challenges for bilingual children, their parents and schools
ByMaja Jankowska

chapter 4|21 pages

Bilingual Creative Writing Clubs

Giving voice to bi/multilingual children in English schools and bi/multilingual university students and staff
ByMaja Jankowska

chapter 5|16 pages

Listening to the voices of indigenous Māori students over time

What do they tell us about national education policy?
ByMere Berryman, Elizabeth Eley

chapter 8|16 pages

A voice for advancing the profession of teaching?

ByAndrew Goodwyn

chapter 9|19 pages

The first year of headship

A cross-comparison of the experiences, challenges and successes, expressed by newly appointed headteachers during their first year in post
ByKaren Lindley

chapter 11|19 pages

Lost in translation

A discussion of a small scale study of South Asian non-English speaking parents’ experiences of negotiating their children’s primary schooling
ByAnna Graham, Rumisaa Shabir

chapter 12|16 pages

A mother’s experiences in the special educational needs system

ByMartha Smith

chapter 13|16 pages

Students’, teachers’ and families’ views on homework

ByWendy Edwards, Janice Wearmouth