This book demonstrates that sisterhood and common struggle do exist in the eastern Europe and that there is a movement demanding change, making moves, and addressing oppressive conditions. It introduces the women of Bulgaria to the women of Serbia and the women of Hungary to the women of Poland.

chapter |11 pages

Disparaging Digressions

Sisterhood in East-Central Europe

chapter |11 pages

Is Sisterhood Really Global?

Western Feminism in Eastern Europe

part One|46 pages


chapter |5 pages

Ban on Abortion in Poland. Why?

chapter |5 pages

Foundations of the Law

chapter |9 pages

The Polish Woman of Today

Analysis of a Model

chapter |5 pages

Opportunities for Feminist Perspectives

Women’s Studies in Poland

chapter |2 pages

Lesbians in the Middle

Lesbian Organizing in Poland—an Interview with Romana Ciesla

part Two|30 pages

Slovakia and the Czech Republic

chapter |6 pages

McDonald’s, Terminators, Coca Cola Ads—and Feminism?

Imports from the West

chapter |5 pages

Women and Violence

chapter |3 pages

A Lesbian

An Interview with Jana Stepanova

chapter |5 pages

Men Are Burglars of Extraterrestrial Origin!

Women Writers and Science Fiction in the Czech Republic

part Three|34 pages


chapter |5 pages

The Construction of Women’s Case

Turn-of-the-Century Hungarian Feminism

chapter |6 pages

The Feminist Network

A History

chapter |3 pages

Hungarian Abortion Legislation

An Afterword

chapter |2 pages

Protesting Porn

An Interview with Antonia Burrows

chapter |3 pages

Gypsy Women

Barriers to Citizenship

part Four|16 pages


chapter |5 pages

Ana’s Land

The Right to Be Sacrificed

chapter |5 pages

The Future is Feminist

An Interview with Five Young Romanian Women

chapter |4 pages

Maria Antoaneta Ciochirca

A Testimony

part Five|16 pages


chapter |3 pages

The Bulgarian Women’s Movement

A Brief History

chapter |4 pages

My Weakness Is My Strength

chapter |7 pages

Forked Tongue

On Gender Stereotypes in the Bulgarian Language

part Six|73 pages

Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia

part |19 pages


chapter |4 pages

Nationalism and Serb Women

chapter |3 pages

Being a Woman

chapter |7 pages

Belgrade Feminists

Separation, Guilt, and Identity Crisis

chapter |1 pages

A Call for Action

Women in Black Against War

part |24 pages


chapter |2 pages

For Women, About Women, by Women

An Interview with Neva Tolle

chapter |5 pages

The Center for Women War Survivors

An Interview with Martina Belic

chapter |1 pages

Bread and Roses

chapter |3 pages

Something Unexpected

chapter |6 pages

The Lesbian Question

part |27 pages


chapter |6 pages

It’s a Shame!

The Campaign for Constitutional Reproductive Rights in Slovenia

chapter |2 pages

Women and Politics

A Note of Introduction

chapter |14 pages

Nationalism and Gender in Postsocialist Societies

Is Nationalism Female?

chapter |4 pages

Women Without Identity

The Life of a Refugee Woman in Slovenia