This book provides selections from the seminal works of Karl Marx, Max Weber, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman that reveal some of the reasons why class, race, and gender inequalities have proven very adaptive and can flourish even today in the 21st century.

part 1|25 pages

The Classic Theory

chapter 3|8 pages

Class, Status, Party

chapter 4|3 pages

The Conservation of Races

chapter 5|3 pages

Women and Economics

part 2|42 pages

The Great Takeoff in Income and Wealth Inequality

part 4|69 pages

Poverty and the Underclass

chapter 17|8 pages

Nickel and Dimed

chapter 21|3 pages

Poverty and Child Development

part 5|99 pages

Mobility and the American Dream

chapter 30|2 pages

Rationing College Opportunity

chapter 32|1 pages

Academically Adrift

chapter 38|4 pages

The Strength of Weak Ties

chapter 40|2 pages

The Great Risk Shift

part 6|69 pages

Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality

chapter 53|3 pages

Tiger Kids and the Success Frame

part 7|79 pages

Gender, Sexuality, and Inequality

chapter 54|6 pages

The Social Construction of Gender

chapter 57|8 pages

Opting Out?