Published in 1988. Christianity has been one of the most potent forces in the development of education. This book critically examines this influence and discusses its political implications.

chapter 1|17 pages

Western Christianity, * Educational Provision and National Identity

An Editorial Introduction
ByColin Brock, Witold Tulasiewicz

chapter 2|21 pages

Christianity and Educational Provision in Scotland

ByIan Findlay

chapter 3|23 pages

Religious Dichotomy and Schooling in Northern Ireland

Edited ByMargaret Sutherland

chapter 4|28 pages

‘Sensus Fidelium’

The Developing Concept of Roman Catholic Voluntary Effort in Education in England and Wales
Edited ByVincent A. McClelland

chapter 5|28 pages

Education, Religion and Cultural Change in the Republic of Ireland

Edited BySeamus Dunn

chapter 6|53 pages

Christianity - National Identity and Education in Poland

ByStanislaw Litak, Witold Tulasiewicz

chapter 7|23 pages


Cultural Politics and Education in Germany
ByWinfried Bohm

chapter 8|25 pages

Schooling, Identity and Denominationalism

The American Experience
ByRonald K. Goodenow

chapter 10|46 pages

Christian Denominations and the Development of Private Education in Chile

ByRuth Aedo Richmond

chapter 11|29 pages

A School System for an Indigenous Religious Minority

The Kimbangdists of Zaire
ByWilliam M. Rideout

chapter 12|30 pages

Afrikaner Identity and Educational Policy in South Africa

ByAlan Penny