Originally published in 1982, about 50 years after the publication of Lashley’s Brain Mechanisms and Intelligence. The aim of this book was to review Lashley’s major contributions and to trace the development of physiological psychology through the experimental work of Lashley’s students and colleagues and those influenced by Lashley’s writings. The contributors were invited to review their own experimental work in a lecture and to indicate how Lashley’s seminal contributions might have exerted an influence in shaping or directing their thinking. This volume is the result of their efforts.

chapter 1|21 pages

The Legacy of Brain Mechanisms and Intelligence 1

ByJack Orbach

chapter 3|6 pages

The Canadian Connection 1

ByJack. Orbach

chapter 4|36 pages

Biography and Evaluations

ByJack. Orbach

chapter 5|6 pages

Students and Colleagues of Karl S. Lashley

ByJack. Orbach

chapter 6|36 pages

The Functional Significance of Architectonic Subdivisions of the Cortex

Lashley’s Criticism of the Traditional View
ByI. T. Diamond

chapter 7|20 pages

Current Concepts on the Mechanism of Vision: A Lashley Heritage

ByPedro. Pasik, Tauba. Pasik

chapter 8|24 pages

Development and Plasticity in the Visual System

ByKao Liang. Chow

chapter 9|26 pages

Two-Way Streets of the Mammalian Cerebral Cortex

ByAustin H. Riesen

chapter 10|22 pages

Functional Organization of the Rat Brain

ByRobert. Thompson

chapter 11|18 pages

Lashley as Iconoclast in the Temple of Neuroscience

Some Thrusts He Would Have Enjoyed Today
ByRobert W. Doty

chapter 12|26 pages


A Theory of Recovery of Function After Brain Injury
ByE. Roy. John

chapter 13|24 pages

Localization and Distribution of Function in the Brain

ByKarl H. Pribram

chapter 15|94 pages

Neural Mechanisms of Arousal, Attention, and Information Processing

ByDonald B. Lindsley

chapter 17|18 pages

On Sensory Interactions with Motor Programs

ByA. J. Berman

chapter 18|20 pages

Cultivating Abstraction in an Ape’s Mind: Conceptual versus Sensory *

ByDr. David Premack

chapter 19|26 pages

Prenatal Protein Deprivation and Early Behavioral Development

ByA. J. Riopelle

chapter 20|14 pages

Elaborations of Hebb’s Cell Assembly Theory

ByD. O. Hebb

chapter 21|26 pages

Forebrain Commissurotomy and Conscious Awareness

ByR. W. Sperry