Drawn from the John Bowlby Memorial Conference, the theme of this book addresses the often hidden and ignored subject of attachment, race and culture. Can our individual narratives in relation to race, culture and attachment be unmasked in the therapeutic dyad to reveal our human connectedness? The contributors explore how the conscious and unconscious meanings of therapists' and clients' racial and cultural identities shape the dialogue between them. How this emerges for both therapist and client in their work together is illustrated in clinical accounts.

chapter |5 pages

Attachment theory and the John Bowlby Memorial Lecture

A short history
ByBernice Laschinger

chapter |26 pages


Processes of detachment, dehumanization and hatred
ByFarhad Dalal

chapter |10 pages

Revisiting the concepts of racism and culture: Some thoughts on the clinical implications

A response to Farhad Dalal's paper
ByZack Eleftheriadou

chapter |8 pages


ByCascia Davis

chapter |7 pages


ByBarbara Ashton

chapter |14 pages

Unmasking difference, culture, and attachment in the psychoanalytic space

"Don't you make my blue eyes brown"
ByIrris Singer

chapter |15 pages

The John Bowlby Memorial Lecture 2005

How race is lived in the consulting room
ByKimberlyn Leary

chapter |7 pages

Response to Kimberlyn Leary's paper

ByKate White