This book allows the reader to witness what transpires in the Montreal closed circuit training programme. It incorporates the recent research findings of Dr Davanloo with his previously published metapsychological and technical discoveries.

part I|23 pages

Basic Theoretical Principles of Davanloo’s Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: An Introduction

part II|210 pages

Application of New Theoretical Principles

chapter Five|10 pages

The transference neurosis: Part I*

chapter Six|19 pages

Transference neurosis: Part II*

chapter Eleven|7 pages

The transference neurosis: Part IV

chapter Fifteen|7 pages

The “turning away” syndrome

chapter Sixteen|9 pages

Following the trail of the unconscious

chapter Ninteen|10 pages

Being a mother to one’s own mother

chapter Twenty One|7 pages

The transference neurosis: Part V

chapter Twenty Two|12 pages

The metapsychology of forgiveness

chapter Twenty Three|8 pages

The transference neurosis: Part VI