The field of child and adolescent psychotherapy is still relatively young and its short history has resulted in a paucity of mental health services for this neglected group. There is a distinct lack of research, evidence and treatment facilities, and yet in order to produce mentally healthy, undamaged adults of the future, this must surely be one area to concentrate resources on. The Cassel Hospital, and this book in particular, seek to redress the balance, and consequently, the chapters in this book follow a diverse path, on subjects ranging from Munchhausen Syndrome by proxy, to abuse within the home, relations within families and borderline adolescents. Various clinical cases are described in this much-needed volume that invites the reader to experience and learn from the life in a hospital that is often seen as the "last resort" of treatment for many children and adolescents. The Internal and External Worlds of Children and Adolescents provides a thoughtful perspective on mental health services for one of the most neglected groups in society - our children and adolescents.

chapter THREE|22 pages

Poison glue: the child's experience of Munchhausen syndrome by proxy

ByDeirdre Dowling

chapter FOUR|25 pages

Psychoanalytic aspects of inpatient treatment of abused children

ByDenis Flynn

chapter SIX|20 pages

Adolescence: a transitory world

ByKevin Healy

chapter SEVEN|19 pages

The darkling plain: the inpatient treatment of a severely disturbed borderline adolescent

ByLisa Morice, Steve McCluskey

chapter EIGHT|27 pages

The containment of borderline adolescents

ByDenis Flynn, Joanne Turner