The latest addition to the Library of Analytical Psychology is an outstanding collection of papers written by Jungian analysts from different schools of analytical psychology on various aspects of psychopathology. The subjects covered include depression, anorexia, schizoid personality, narcissistic personality disorder, mania, psychosis, paranoia, masochism, fetishism, transvestism, perversion, marital dysfunction, survivor syndrome, and old age. The book is intended to appeal beyond the Jungian community, and the editor’s introductory remarks which precede each paper highlight (and where necessary explain) concepts and attitudes which seem special to analytical psychology. In this way, as with Andrew Samuels’ previous edited volume The Father: Contemporary Jungian Perspectives, psychoanalytically and eclectically orientated practitioners can make full use of this book. The papers in this volume contain a wealth of clinical knowledge – pragmatic, flexible, disposable, but above all rooted in what actually happens in analysis.

chapter |21 pages


ByAndrew Samuels

chapter One|21 pages

Depressed patients and the coniunctio

ByJudith Hubback

chapter Two|26 pages

Success, retreat, panic: over-stimulation and depressive defence

ByPeer Hultberg

chapter Four|11 pages

Object constancy or constant object?

ByFred Plaut

chapter Five|26 pages

Narcissistic disorder and its treatment

ByRushi Ledermann

chapter Six|11 pages

Reflections on introversion and/or schizoid personality

ByThomas Kirsch

chapter Seven|18 pages

Reflections on Heinz Kohut’s concept of narcissism

ByMario Jacoby

chapter Eight|48 pages

The borderline personality: vision and healing

ByNathan Schwartz-Salant

chapter Nine|8 pages

The treatment of chronic psychoses

ByC. T. Frey-Wehrlin, R. Bosnak, F. Langegger, Ch. Robinson

chapter Eleven|8 pages

Schreber’s delusional transference: a disorder of the self

ByAlan Edwards

chapter Twelve|18 pages

Masochism: the shadow side of the archetypal need to venerate and worship

ByRosemary Gordon

chapter Thirteen|20 pages

The psychopathology of fetishism and transvestism

ByAnthony Storr

chapter Fourteen|15 pages

The androgyne: some inconclusive reflections on sexual perversions

ByMichael Fordham

chapter Fifteen|17 pages

The archetypes in marriage

ByMary Williams

chapter Sixteen|18 pages

The analyst and the damaged victims of Nazi persecution

ByGustav Dreifuss, Gianfranco Tedeschi, Jacques Mendelsohn, Debora Kutzinski, Mary Williams

chapter Seventeen|19 pages

Working against Dorian Gray: analysis and the old

ByLuigi Zoja