This book argues for the value and application of psychoanalytic thinking beyond, as well as within, the consulting room. Inspired by a Scottish psychoanalytic tradition that owes much to W.R.D. Fairbairn and J.D. Sutherland, the Scottish Institute of Human Relations has provided a valuable reference point for the work described in the book. It illustrates how the coming together of human beings into a shared space fosters opportunities to create loving, collaborative relationships in which to work and from which to grow. The book's first section explores how psychoanalytic thinking developed in Scotland, while section two focuses on work with children, families and couples, showing how psychoanalytic perspectives can be used to strengthen capacities for loving relationships. The chapters in section three show how psychoanalysis can be applied in such varied settings as psycho-social research, education, institutional development and organisational consultancy. The fourth section pursues this theme further, considering the potential of psychoanalytic concepts to enhance work in religious ministry, in medical and psychiatric services, and in understanding the processes of ageing.

part I|54 pages

Opening up Spaces for Psychoanalytic Thinking

chapter Two|17 pages

Inner and outer worlds: then and now*

ByJill Savege Scharff

part III|80 pages

Making Space to Work

part IV|72 pages

Making Space to Grow