This book is about the importance of the couple relationship in the broadest terms. It draws on clinical researches into the inner lived world of adult couples, empirical developmental research into children and parenting, as well as the legal setting when relationships break down. It aims to bridge the inner and outer worlds, showing how our most intimate relationships have vital importance at all levels, from the individual and the family, to the social setting - and explores the implications for practice and policy. Above all, it is a book about applications of clinical thinking linked with research knowledge, as tools for front line workers and policy makers alike. It draws on the tradition of applied clinical thinking and research of the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, linking current thinking with the history of ideas in each area it covers, as well as considering implications for the future.

chapter One|14 pages

Prevention: intervening with couples at challenging family transition points

ByCarolyn Pape Cowan, Philip A. Cowan

chapter |10 pages

Commentary on Chapter One

ByLeezah Hertzmann

chapter Two|32 pages

Parents as partners: how the parental relationship affects children’s psychological development

ByGordon T. Harold, Leslie D. Leve

chapter |14 pages

Commentary on Chapter Two

BySusanna Abse

chapter Three|14 pages

How couple therapists work with parenting issues

ByMary Morgan

chapter |6 pages

Commentary on Chapter Three

ByLynne Cudmore

chapter |8 pages

Commentary on Chapter Four

ByChristopher Clulow

chapter Five|22 pages

Working therapeutically with high conflict divorce

ByAvi Shmueli

chapter |10 pages

Commentary on Chapter Five

ByChristopher Vincent

chapter Six|20 pages

Depression, couple therapy, research, and government policy

Edited ByJulian Leff, Eia Asen, Felix Schwarzenbach

chapter |8 pages

Commentary on Chapter Six

ByChristopher Clulow

chapter |8 pages

Commentary on Chapter Seven

ByMichael Rustin

chapter Eight|14 pages

Couple therapy—social engineering or psychological treatment?

ByAndrew Balfour

chapter |6 pages

Commentary on Chapter Eight

ByPhilip Stokoe

chapter |8 pages

Commentary on Chapter Nine

ByJanet Walker

chapter Ten|20 pages

Supervision: the interdependence of professional experience and organisational accountability

ByLynette Hughes, Felicia Olney

chapter |9 pages

Commentary on Chapter Ten

ByDavid Lawlor