This book presents a sort of angsty identity crisis and offers many clear illustrations of the multiple useful and relevant applications of group relations in different parts of the world, reflecting on the theory of group relations and its relevance to contemporary phenomena.

Foreword -- Introduction -- Reflecting on the Theory of Group Relations and its Relevance to Contemporary Phenomena -- The Oedipus complex, creativity, and the legacies of group relations’ intellectual parents -- Virtual teams and group relations in the WEB 2.0 era: insights from an MBA experiential distance-learning course -- Group relations work in contexts of complexity and transition -- Embedding diversity in local government: experiences of establishing an ethnic advisory panel, Auckland, New Zealand -- The Rothschild 117 Project: dreaming in the boulevard -- Studying the Relationship Between Group Relations Work and its Impact in its Cultural and Geographical Setting -- Exploring group relations work in China: challenges, risks, and impact -- Developing a group relations institution in Lithuania -- Uneasy on the boundary: reflections on the culture and effectiveness of group relations conference work in the USA, 1965–2012 -- Exploring Variations in Theme and/or Design of Group Relations Conferences -- Energy, creative collaboration, and wellbeing -- The experiences of co-directorship in group relations conferences -- Group relations and twelve-step recovery: mixing oil and water? -- Post-Conference Reflections -- Oral envy and networks -- Intergroup process at an international level: reflections from Belgirate -- Cobblers’ children or creative flux? -- What happened to authority? A reflective dialogue