The new ‘mobilities turn’ has become a powerful perspective in social theory. John Urry’s oeuvre has been very influential in the emergence of this new field and has had lasting impacts on many scholars. This collection presents originally commissioned essays from leading scholars in the field who reflect on how Urry’s writing influenced the course of their research and theorizing.

This volume gathers contributions in relation to John Urry’s path-breaking work. The new ‘mobilities turn’ made a strong imprint in European social theory and is beginning to make an impact in the Americas and Asia as well. It challenges mainstream theoretical and empirical approaches that were grounded in a sedentary and bounded view of states. It propels innovative thinking about social and media ecologies, complex systems and social change. It bridges many disciplines and methodologies, leading to new approaches to existing problems while also resonating with questions about both history and the future. Mobilities research marks the rise of academic and intellectual cooperation and collaboration ‘beyond societies’, as nations around the world face the ecological limits of contemporary mobility and energy systems.

The contributors represent several national contexts, including England, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Taiwan, Brazil, Canada, Australia and the USA. This book collects personal essays and gives insight into a vivid network of scientists who have connections of various degrees to the late John Urry as an academic figure, an author and a person.

chapter Chapter 1|4 pages


part I|2 pages

Economies and spatialities

chapter Chapter 2|6 pages

Encountering John Urry

7A fragment of an autobiography in theory

chapter Chapter 3|6 pages

Will there be an Urryism?

The dialectic of a plural thinker in singular times

chapter Chapter 6|6 pages


part II|2 pages

Travel, senses, natures

chapter Chapter 7|7 pages

Proximity from a distance

40Virtual and imaginative mobility through the intimacies of life on screen

chapter Chapter 8|8 pages

Postcards from a city

chapter Chapter 11|7 pages

On a pilgrimage

A journey with John Urry

part III|2 pages

Tourism, mobilities, temporalities

chapter Chapter 13|7 pages

Going places

chapter Chapter 14|5 pages

John Urry’s adventures in Brazil

chapter Chapter 15|6 pages

After the end of tourism

chapter Chapter 16|5 pages

Tourism, mobilities, geopolitics, events

chapter Chapter 17|7 pages

Running away from, or with, the tourist gaze

chapter Chapter 18|7 pages

It’s about time …

part IV|2 pages

The mobilities turn

chapter Chapter 20|8 pages

Mobilities without weight

chapter Chapter 21|5 pages


The particular and the universal

chapter Chapter 22|7 pages

A long conversation

On meetings, travels, and conversations with John Urry

chapter Chapter 23|6 pages

Europe beyond mobilities

chapter Chapter 24|8 pages

Mobility – why actually?

chapter Chapter 26|7 pages

Working materials

Mobile objects, ideas and people

part V|2 pages

Complexity, risks and social futures

chapter Chapter 27|12 pages

Social futures

chapter Chapter 28|6 pages

The future’s never simple when it’s complex

Social forecasting with John Urry

chapter Chapter 29|7 pages

From mobilities to mobile lives and beyond

The world according to John Urry

chapter Chapter 30|8 pages

Liveable data

A low-carbon science fiction with John Urry

chapter Chapter 31|5 pages

Mobility and simplicity

chapter |6 pages