The contributors to this book are all leaders in their field – senior executives who have successfully led pan-university initiatives. Providing examples of bold initiatives and an analysis of their implementation, this book helps the reader reflect on how they might wish to proceed, authentically, in leading and supporting wide-scale change in the future. Each chapter highlights the power of the narrative of change.

In particular, this second edition demonstrates a change in considering global factors; it:

  • Uses a case study approach to examine global higher education institutions
  • Reflects the huge change in the global higher education landscape over the past 10 years
  • Reflects on initiatives from the first edition in terms of how they were scaled up and draws on the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Includes a conclusive ‘Where to Next' section that ensures responsiveness and agility to the rapidly changing landscape and flags up a new paradigm for leadership: E4 leadership (engaging, energised, empowering and engaged).

Strategic Leadership of Change in Higher Education is crucial reading for all those involved in leadership and management positions in higher education. With an emphasis on behaviours, alongside passion, ambition and a commitment to shared values as key ingredients to the success of strategic leaders, this book provides expert commentary and global insights. This is a cutting-edge book that will continue to provide higher education leaders and managers with the information necessary to stay ahead of the curve.

part I|34 pages

chapter 1|6 pages

Global context

ByStephanie Marshall

chapter 2|13 pages

Strategy, governance and leadership

ByEwart Wooldridge

chapter 3|13 pages

Leading and managing strategic change

ByStephanie Marshall

part II|79 pages

chapter 5|12 pages

Successful leadership and management to achieve major strategic change

Making the Melbourne Model
ByPeter McPhee

chapter 6|11 pages

Forward with integrity at McMaster University

ByPatrick Deane

chapter 7|11 pages

Promoting excellence in teaching and research

ByGeraint Howells

chapter 8|10 pages

Birth of the PLuS Alliance

ByMerlin Crossley, Paul Ramadge

chapter 9|10 pages

Indigenous empowerment and diversity in higher education

ByJessa Rogers

chapter 10|14 pages

Integrating research and teaching

Leading educational change in a research-intensive university in the UK
ByDilly Fung

part III|32 pages

chapter 11|10 pages

Successful strategic leadership

The contribution of governance
ByGeoff Donnelly

chapter 12|11 pages

Some final reflections from a governance perspective

ByEwart Wooldridge

chapter 13|9 pages

What does the future look like for strategic leadership?

ByStephanie Marshall