This book offers a remarkable range of research that emphasises the need to analyse the shaping of curricula under historical, social and political variables. Teachers’ life stories, the Cold War as a contextual element that framed curricular transformations in the US and Europe, and the study of trends in education policy at transnational level are issues addressed throughout. The book presents new lines of work, offering multidisciplinary perspectives and provides an overview of how to move forwards.

The book brings together the work of international specialists on Curriculum History and presents research that offers new perspectives and methodologies from which to approach the study of the History of Education and Educational Policy. It offers new debates which rethink the historical study of the curriculum and offers a strong interdisciplinary approach, with contributions across Education, History and the Social Sciences.

This book will be of great interest for academics and researchers in the fields of education and curriculum studies. It will also appeal to educational professionals, teachers and policy makers.

chapter |11 pages


Curriculum history and transnational perspectives for studies: Generating debates on educational research
ByGary McCulloch, Ivor Goodson, Mariano González-Delgado

chapter 1|15 pages

From mystification to markets

The evolution of curriculum history and life history 1
ByIvor Goodson

chapter 2|14 pages

Physics for the enquiring mind

The Nuffield physics Ordinary-level course, 1962–1966 1
ByGary McCulloch

chapter 3|22 pages

Narratives of education and curriculum transition in the former socialist European countries

The example of Estonia 1
ByRain Mikser, Ivor Goodson

chapter 4|20 pages

African American curriculum history

New possibilities and directions
ByLaGarrett J. King, Alana D. Murray, Christine Woyshner

chapter 5|25 pages

UNESCO mediation in Francoist curriculum policy

The case of educational television in Spain 1
ByMariano González-Delgado, Tamar Groves

chapter 6|23 pages

Transnational information flow and domestic concerns

Japanese educational exhibits in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Britain
ByMari Hiraoka

chapter 7|18 pages

Local versus national history of education

The case of Swedish school governance, 1950–1990
ByJohan Prytz, Johanna Ringarp

chapter 8|14 pages

Curriculum history research in mainland China and Taiwan

Its status and prospect 1
ByCaixia Peng

chapter 9|18 pages

Transnational colonial entanglements

South African teacher education college curricula 1
ByLinda Chisholm

chapter 10|17 pages

The failure of a pedagogical innovation

Learning to write in Brazil and France at the end of the nineteenth century
ByDiana Gonçalves Vidal

chapter 11|23 pages

The two faces of the same coin

National and individual refraction in curriculum policies in Portugal
ByElsa Estrela

chapter |5 pages


Transnational perspectives on Curriculum History
ByGary McCulloch, Ivor Goodson, Mariano González-Delgado