For too long Africa's mineral fortune has been lamented as a resource curse that has led to conflict rather than development for much of the continent. Yet times are changing and the opportunities to bring technical expertise on modern mining alongside appropriate governance mechanisms for social development are becoming more accessible in Africa.  

This book synthesizes perspectives from multiple disciplines to address Africa’s development goals in relation to its mineral resources. The authors cover ways of addressing a range of policy challenges, environmental concerns, and public health impacts and also consider the role of globalization within the extractive industries. Academic research is coupled with key field vignettes from practitioners exemplifying case studies throughout. The book summarizes the challenges of natural resource governance, suggesting ways in which mining can be more effectively managed in Africa. By providing an analytical framework it highlights the essential intersection between natural and social sciences, central to efficient and effective harnessing of the potential for minerals and mining to be a contributor to positive development in Africa.

It will be of interest to policy makers, industry professionals, and researchers in the extractive industries, as well as to the broader development community.

chapter |6 pages


part I|61 pages

The politics of African mining

chapter 1|19 pages

Harmonizing African resource politics?

Lessons from the African Minerals Development Centre

chapter 4|2 pages

Field vignette

Moving from prescriptive to performance-based regulation: the case of waste management

chapter 5|3 pages

Field vignette

Ghana’s policy on artisanal and small-scale mining

part II|82 pages

Data and models

chapter 7|33 pages

Challenges in measuring the local and regional contributions of mining

Lessons from case studies in Rwanda, Zambia, and Ghana

chapter 8|27 pages

Measuring transformative development from mining

A case study of Madagascar

chapter 9|2 pages

Field vignette

The Extractives Dependence Index and its impact on Africa

chapter 10|3 pages

Field vignette

The West African Exploration Initiative (WAXI) as a model for collaborative research and development

part III|83 pages

Environment, health, and innovation

chapter 13|13 pages

Mineral investment decision-making in Africa

A real options approach in integrating price and environmental risks

chapter 15|2 pages

Field vignette

South Africa’s underground women miners

chapter 16|4 pages

Field vignette

Sapphire mining, water, and maternal health in Madagascar

part IV|70 pages

Reconciling scales of mining governance

chapter 20|3 pages

Field vignette

The Australia-Africa Minerals and Energy Group (AAMEG)

chapter 21|2 pages

Field vignette

Sourcing “conflict-free” minerals from Central Africa

chapter |3 pages


A multifaceted fortune