Published in 1998. This book provides a global overview of agrochemical use against the backdrop of future agricultural production requirements and environmental concerns. From acknowledged experts in their field this book examines the relationship between agro-chemical use and sustainability, producer knowledge and policy analysis for less developed and industrialized economies.

1. Introduction to Agro-Chemicals Use  Part 1: Inventories and Overviews for Different Areas of the World  2. Who Will Feed China? Agro-Chemicals and China’s Grain Strategy to 2010  3. Growth and Economics of Pesticide use in India: Overview of the Environment, Patterns and Market Potential  4. Do Fertilizers Play a Major Role in Sustainable Agricultural Development in West Africa?  5. Analysis of Intensive Farming Systems in the European Union  Part 2: Agro-Chemicals Use and Sustainable Agriculture  6. Agro-Chemicals use and Sustainable Agriculture: Some Observations from a Semi-Arid Area of India  7. Use and Abuse of Chemical Fertilizers in a Resource-Scarce Economy: Karnataka Province, India  8. An Economic Evaluation of Alternative Nutrient Management Practices in Sustaining Resource Base Productivity  9. Economic Evaluation of Low and High External Input Agriculture: A Production Function Analysis for Indonesia  10. Evaluating Sustainability of Intensive Farming Systems in China  Part 3: Efficiency and Producers’ Knowledge and Perceptions  11. Regional Variation in Efficiency of Fertilizer Use: Food Crop Production in Togo  12. Environmental and Economic Effects of Spatial Variability in Cropping: Nitrogen Fertilization and Site-Specific Management  13. Farmers’ Perceptions of Sustainable Production Techniques: Weed Control in Sugarbeet  Part 4: Determinants of Fertilizer and Pesticide Use  14. The Effect of Price Changes on the Use of Fertilizer and Pesticides in Dutch Wheat Production  15. The Demand for Fertilizer on Upland Rice in the South-West of Burkina Faso: Determinants and Cost and Returns analysis  16. Farm Management of Fungicide Use in Tulips in The Netherlands  Part 5: Policy Instruments and Policy Analysis: LDCS  17. Public Policy and Fertilizer Demand in Ghana  18. Consequences for Agricultural Policies of Analysing Economic and Political Factors of Pesticide Use in Developing Countries  19. Financial and Economic Evaluation of Phosphate Rock Use to Enhance Soil Fertility in West Africa: Is There a Role for Government?  Part 6: Policy Instrumruments and Poilcy Analysis: Industrialzed Countries  20. External Effects of Argo-Chemicals: Are they Important and How do we Cope with them?  21. Ecomomic Policy and Water Pollution  22. Benefits of Improving Water in South-Western British Columbia: An Application of Economic Valuation Methods  23. Policy Instruments to Control Multi-Nutrients in an Agriculture Watershed  24. Costs and Benefits of Pesticide Reduction in Agriculture: Best Solutions  Part 7: Perspectives for the 21st Century  25. Transformation and Enviroment: Perspective for Central and Eastern European Countires  26. Less is More: Why Argo-Chemicals Use Will Decline in Industralized Countries.