Many recent high-profile reports have emphasised the need for improvements and innovations in practice-based education for nursing and midwifery students in the UK to ensure safe care delivery.

Addressing the new NMC standards of proficiency for pre-registration nursing, this book presents five significant areas of practice learning for student nurses and midwives in their pre-registration education and provides a guiding resource for practitioners at a time of significant change in the ethos and structure of practice learning. Each chapter provides a short case study and helpful learning points to assist readers in the application of the themes to their own practice.

This concise and accessible book will act as a key stimulus for reflection on the changes in practice learning environments and will provide invaluable guidance on the new roles of Practice Supervisor, Practice Assessor and Academic Assessor. It will be essential reading for all academics and clinical practitioners who support student nurses and midwives with their practice learning.

chapter |5 pages

Introduction: Taking steps towards a new vision of nursing and midwifery practice learning

ByDawn A. Morley, Kathy Wilson, Natalie Holbery

chapter 1|12 pages

Comprehensive orientation and socialisation

ByLynn Quinlivan, Shoba Sookraj-Bahal, Julie Moody, Anne Levington, Colin Taylor

chapter 2|14 pages

‘Helpful others’: Recognising support networks for students in the clinical setting

ByPam Hodge, Alison Dexter, Helen O’Toole

chapter 3|12 pages

Student peer support and learning

ByKathy Wilson, Nora Cooper, Maurina Baron

chapter 4|12 pages

Academic practice partnerships

BySinead Mehigan, Laura Pisaneschi, Justin McDermott

chapter 5|16 pages

Expansive learning

ByNatalie Holbery, Dawn A. Morley, Joady Mitchell

chapter 6|5 pages

Future recommendations for practice education: Next steps

ByDawn A. Morley, Kathy Wilson, Natalie Holbery