First published in 1999, Europe: Rethinking the Boundaries explores the themes of boundary and identity from cultural, political, sociological and historical perspectives. The volume highlights the multiplicity of approaches and the complexity of the understanding of what is Europe, while at the same time presenting a coherent theme of boundary which is both thought-provoking and comprehensive.

It focuses on Europe’s changing boundaries and the "clash of civilisations" thesis, the European transformation of the nation state, rethinking European peripheries and European Union (EU) enlargement, the Mediterranean boundaries of the EU, Balkan boundaries, Europe and the "Islamic threat", German foreign policy and European security, and the neutrality of Austria, Finland and Sweden in the EU.

Europe: Rethinking the Boundaries will appeal both to informed generalists and to students and scholars of Europe who seek an analysis of the issue of boundaries from a variety of perspectives. It is a timely collection of up to date commentary and analysis from a team of experts which provides a fresh approach to the discussion of boundaries in Europe. It points to pressing issues facing Europe at a difficult and challenging time.