Narrative therapy is an exciting and evolving psychotherapeutic approach. Narrative Therapy Approaches for Physical Health Problems takes the reader on a journey across the territory of narrative therapy theories, principles, and practices, and its application to the field of physical health. It explicitly considers a person’s context and explores ways of intervening that go beyond the individual. This includes working with medical teams, engaging in conversations about broader narratives of health and wellness, alongside ideas for adapting practice to take account of particular settings and client groups. Although a lot of theoretical ground is covered, the overarching remit of this book is as a practical guide. The book is peppered with examples, which help explain concepts and illustrate how ideas look in practice.

Narrative Therapy Approaches for Physical Health Problems is a book for all professionals who are therapeutically supporting people with physical health problems, across the lifespan. It is intended for those that have an interest in understanding more about how to address the emotional needs of the people with whom they work.

chapter One|19 pages

Problem exploration

ByLincoln Simmonds

chapter Two|26 pages

Re-authoring conversations

ByLouise Mozo-Dutton, Rachel Skippon

chapter Three|25 pages

Discourse and narratives of illness

ByJennifer Pomfret, Lincoln Simmonds

chapter Four|20 pages

Facilitating preferred change for children and young people

ByLincoln Simmonds

chapter Five|28 pages

Facilitating preferred change within in-patient settings

ByLouise Mozo-Dutton

chapter Six|18 pages

Narrative practice and indirect ways of working

ByLincoln Simmonds

chapter Seven|26 pages

Narrative practice and the written word

ByRob Whittaker