Published in 1992, like the first, this second edition is not intended as introductory textbook command-driven, Boolean searching. It is targeted at online searchers who already have some knowledge of command languages and may be proficient searchers on databases in one or two subject areas, but when required to venture into new and less familiar territory still need guidance. It is also offered to end users who possess the subject expertise but lack of information retrieval know-how. The Manual is offered as a guide to database selection and a navigational aid through the twists and turns of the retrieval maze; at least some of the dead ends and backtracking may thereby be avoided. This volume, written by experts in their various fields, deals with the subject coverage and record structures of specific databases, offers comparisons between databases (context, indexing procedures, updating policies, etc.), discusses the choice between online and CD-ROM sources (and between hosts if online is selected), and illustrates strategies with numerous search extracts.

chapter 1|8 pages

Database evaluation and selection

ByChris Armstrong, Andy Large

chapter 2|42 pages

Citation indexing*

ByDavid Bawden

chapter 3|77 pages


ByEdlyn S. Simmons

chapter 4|30 pages


ByJoyce Garnett, Veronica Calderhead

chapter 5|59 pages

The biosciences

ByBonnie Snow

chapter 6|19 pages


ByJohn Parkinson, Ian Snowley

chapter 7|52 pages

Energy and the environment

ByJohn R. Luedtke

chapter 8|21 pages


ByM. Moon

chapter 9|48 pages

Computer and information science and technology

ByDavid Raitt

chapter 10|68 pages

Social and behavioural sciences

ByClaire Drinkwater, Judith Barton

chapter 11|19 pages

Law: British and European legal systems

ByJohn Williams

chapter 12|39 pages

Law: North American legal systems

ByGary D Gott, Patricia M Young

chapter 13|52 pages

Business and economics: United Kingdom

ByJacqueline Cropley

chapter 14|17 pages

Business and economics: United States

ByMary Muenkel, Yve Griffith, Mike Koenig

chapter 15|69 pages


ByCandy Schwartz

chapter 16|38 pages

Databases for ready reference

ByS. Koshman, J. Beheshti