Short food supply chains (SFSCs) rely primarily on local production and processing practices for the provision of food and are, in principle, more sustainable in social,  economic and environmental terms than supply chains where production and consumption are widely separated.

This book reviews and assesses recent initiatives on this topic from an interdisciplinary  perspective. In theoretical terms it draws on and advances two key concepts, namely, place (particularly embeddedness in local economic networks and communities) and governance (particularly in addressing sustainability concerns in an inclusive and socially just manner). Empirically, the book examines a diverse set of SFSCs such as small-scale entrepreneurship,
farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture and grassroots and solidarity networks. The main examples discussed are from Europe and North America, but the issues are applicable in a global context.

The book is of interest to advanced students, researchers and professionals in food studies, sociology, geography, planning, politics and environmental studies.

chapter 1|24 pages

Localizing global food

An introduction

part I|1 pages

Innovative local agri-food governance

chapter 4|16 pages

Food localization and agency

The cases of Regionalwert AG and Luzernenhof in Freiburg, Germany

part II|1 pages

Local agri-food systems

chapter 5|17 pages

The long and the short of it

73Motivations and realities for food hub actors in Ontario, Canada

chapter 6|14 pages

“New” micro agri-food initiatives in crisis-hit Greece and beyond

A promising alternative or business as usual?

chapter 8|18 pages

Re-embedding Greek Feta in localities

Cooperation of small dairies as a territorial development strategy

part III|1 pages

Alternative agri-food market channels

chapter 10|19 pages

Social justice in the market place

The renewal of peri-urban open-air food markets around Montpellier, France

chapter 11|14 pages

Protection of a place?

Community supported agriculture (CSA) in Germany

chapter 12|5 pages

Short food supply chain

Concluding remarks