Population is the most influential factor in social development and economic growth, especially in China. In this book, author Tian Xueyuan provides macro illustrations of the main issues confronting China’s population and development in the 21st century and advises on facing population development challenges to sustainable future development. This book explores issues such as the relation between the change of population and consumption, how the age of the working population affects economic structure and transition when above or below the Lewis turning point, the impact of population aging on growth speed and the pension system, how to remove the urban– rural dual structure, how to reform exam- oriented education, and how to balance relations between population, resource, environment, and sustainable growth.

The discussions on population– consumption relations, labor– economy relations, urbanization and rural– urban relations, and beyond provide insightful judgment on and prospects for China’s future development. This book is helpful for international audiences to better understand China’s population and development challenges and strategies.

chapter |32 pages


ByTian Xueyuan, Tian Xueyuan

chapter 1|44 pages

The population trend – from increases to decreases

Exploring the path of moderate growth with green consumption
ByTian Xueyuan

chapter 2|40 pages

Economic new normal meets post-demographic transition

Exploring the path of development driven by pursuit of quality and benefits instead of speed
ByTian Xueyuan

chapter 3|47 pages

The acceleration trend in population aging

Exploring the path of reforms for unified old-age security
ByTian Xueyuan

chapter 4|53 pages

The urbanization trend in the migrant agrarian population

Exploring the path of coordinated development of rural and urban areas
ByTian Xueyuan

chapter 5|42 pages

The slow-decrease trend in the sex ratio at birth

Exploring the path of modern equity of both sexes
ByTian Xueyuan

chapter 6|74 pages

The comprehensive-improvement trend in the health of the population

Exploring the path of innovation and reinvigoration with science and education
ByTian Xueyuan

chapter 7|74 pages

The stepwise-loosening trend in fertility policies

Exploring the path of “family planning” with Chinese characteristics
ByTian Xueyuan

chapter 8|57 pages

The development trend in ecologic civilization

Exploring the path of population and sustainable development
ByTian Xueyuan