First published in 1998, this volume takes an international approach theoretical and regional perceptions and experiences of marginality along with some key case studies in Arctic North America, Greenland, Aboriginal Australia and the Republic of Ireland. Its contributors are geographers from all over the world. It is part of a series which aims to publish new scientific work on the dynamism of the marginal and critical regions of the world and concentrates on understanding marginality and its processes, the human process and its agents, comparative approaches and different policy responses to economic, social and environmental problems along with studying the human response to global change and its implications for marginalization.

chapter 1|5 pages


ByRoser Majoral, Walter Leimgruber, Heikki Jussila

chapter 2|18 pages

Development issues in marginal regions

ByPeter Scott

part One|108 pages

Theoretical Issues

chapter 3|7 pages

From highlands and high-latitude zones to marginal regions

ByWalter Leimgruber

chapter 4|9 pages

A century of shifting perceptions and development issues of marginality

ByRichard E. Lonsdale

chapter 6|14 pages

Effects of systemic marginality

ByJacek I. Romanowski

chapter 7|19 pages

Clusters of marginal microregions

ByLars Olof Persson

chapter 8|21 pages

Marginality and development in Italy: a study review

ByMaria Andreoli, Vittorio Tellarini

chapter 9|10 pages

From territorial marginality to marginality in cybersociety

ByMarkku Tykkyläinen

part Two|103 pages

Regional Perceptions

chapter 10|11 pages

International perspectives on socio-spatial marginality

ByLawrence M. Sommers, Assefa Mehretu

chapter 11|17 pages

Regional perceptions of marginality: a view from southern Europe

ByRoser Majoral, Maria Andreoli, Fernanda Delgado Cravidão

chapter 12|17 pages

The perception of marginality: the Middle East

ByDavid Grossman

chapter 13|12 pages

Perceptions of marginality in the United States and Canada

ByBradley T. Cullen, Michael Pretes

chapter 14|22 pages

A perception of Argentine agrarian marginality dynamics

ByMaria Estela Furlani de Civit, Maria Josefina Gutierrez de Manchon

part Three|55 pages

Cases of Marginality

part Four|7 pages


chapter 19|5 pages

Conclusions and the future work of the commission

ByRoser Majoral, Heikki Jussila, Walter Leimgruber