This book examines the structural changes in the labour market in North-East India. Going beyond the conventional study of tea and agricultural sectors, it focuses on the nature, pattern and structure of work and employment in the region as well as documents emerging shifts in the labour force towards farm to non-farm dynamics. The chapters explore historical developments in employment patterns, labour market policies, issues of gender and social-religious dimensions, as well as point to growing forms of casual, informal and contractual labour across sectors.

Through large-scale data and detailed case studies on unfree labour in plantations and those employed in crafts, handloom and the manufacturing industry, the book provides insights into labour and employment in the region. It also delves into the temporal and spatial dimensions of non-farm employment and its relationship with rural income distribution and labour mobility. By bringing interdisciplinary perspectives from scholars working on North-East India, this work fills a major gap in the political economy of the labour market in the region.

The volume will be useful to scholars and researchers of development studies, North-East India studies, labour studies, economics, sociology and political science as well to those involved with governance and policymaking.

chapter |16 pages


part I|131 pages

Structure and patterns of employment in North-East India

chapter 1|20 pages

Labour and the labour market in North-East India

A historical exploration

chapter 3|29 pages

Structure and quality of employment in North-East India

A socio-religious analysis

chapter 4|46 pages

Women’s employment in North-East India

Trends and patterns 1

part II|112 pages

Work, employment and labour in industries

chapter 5|24 pages

Beyond standard outcomes

The state of employment and labour in the tea industry of Assam

chapter 6|18 pages

Work, control and mobility in the manufacturing industry

A study of the cement industry in Assam

chapter 8|37 pages

From craft to industry

Understanding the dynamics of handloom weaving in Manipur 1

part III|55 pages

Migration and labour mobility

chapter 9|21 pages

Employment potential of migrant workers in Meghalaya

An empirical exploration

chapter 10|32 pages

Out-migration and labour mobility

Case studies from Assam

part IV|73 pages

Employment diversification