First published in 1999, this volume recognises that the role and status of public health in Europe has again become increasingly recognized and features contributions on various nations within the European Community. This is not only in individual countries but also in the policies of the European Union as exemplified in the Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties. This book is a critical account of the present structures and policies of member countries and how policies have evolved within the European Commission. It describes both possible models and needs and contrasts these with the current legislative framework. It thus serves the needs of both practitioners, policy makers, policy analysts and students interested in public health and social policy developments.

chapter 1|48 pages

Public Health Policies and Priorities in Europe

ByWalter Holland, Elias Mossialos, Govin Permanand

chapter 2|19 pages

Public Health Policy in the European Community

ByBernard Merkel, Michael Hübei

chapter 3|19 pages

Public Health and Health Policy in Belgium

ByMarie-Christine Closon, David Crainich, Nathalie Swartenbroek

chapter 4|15 pages

Public Health Policy and Priority Setting in Denmark

ByJohannes Mosbech

chapter 5|22 pages

Decision-Making and Priority-Setting in Public Health and Health Care in Germany

ByReinhard Busse, Friedrich Wilhelm Schwartz

chapter 6|21 pages

Public Health Policies and Priorities in Greece

ByE Petridou, E Mossialos, G Papoutsakis, Y Skalkidis, Y Tountas, A Velonaki, E Velonakis

chapter 7|19 pages

Public Health in Spain

ByAndreu Segura Benedicto

chapter 8|12 pages

Decision-Making in Public Health Policy in France

ByClaude Rumeau-Rouquette, Gerard Breart

chapter 9|20 pages

Public Health Policy and Priorities in Ireland

ByBernadette Herity, Patricia Fitzpatrick

chapter 10|39 pages

Public Health Policies in Italy

ByMarinoni Alessandra, Claudio Macchi

chapter 11|23 pages

The Health System and Health Policy in Luxembourg

ByDanielle Hansen-Koenig, Mady Roulleaux

chapter 12|17 pages

Public Health and Health Policy in the Netherlands

ByLouise J Gunning-Schepers

chapter 13|16 pages

Public Health and Health Policy in Austria

ByEngelbert Theurl

chapter 14|17 pages

Public Health and Health Care in Portugal

ByVictor Ramos

chapter 15|22 pages

Finnish Public Health Policy and Health Care in Transition

ByArpo Aromaa

chapter 16|18 pages

Public Health and Priority Setting in Sweden

ByJohan Calltorp

chapter 17|21 pages

Setting Public Health Priorities in the UK

ByMichael O’Brien