Originally published in 1986, this volume deals with various aspects of the life of the pastoralists who live in the area between what was Senegambia and Cameroon. It analyses the changing relations between pastoralists and agricultural peoples, and the changes that pastoral societies are undergoing with urbanisation, increased central government control and the spread of market relations. The papers are in both English and French and include historical studies of aspects of the history of Adamawa, the Fulani, the Twareg, the Shuwa Arabs and the Koyam in pre-colonial times. There is also a survey of the state of Fula language studies and the variety of Fula literature; discussions of the changing nature of pastoralism and the nomadic way of life in Cameroon, Senegal and Nigeria, including the effects of drought.

part I|83 pages

Historical Perspectives

chapter 1|13 pages

Les ArmÉes Peul De L’adamawa 1 Au 19e SiÈcle 2

ByThierno Mouctar Bah

chapter 2|24 pages

Fulani Continuity and Change Under Five Flags 1

ByCharles Frantz

chapter 3|15 pages

Maudo Laa Wolpulaaku: Survival and Symbiosis

ByA.H.M. Kirk-Greene

chapter 5|12 pages

The Shuwa Arabs 1

ByKyari Tijani

chapter 6|10 pages

The Koyam

ByAgnes Wedderburn

part II|58 pages

Language and Literature

chapter 7|14 pages

Fula Language Studies: Present Position and Future Prospects

ByD.W. Arnott

chapter 8|12 pages

Aspects De La LittÉrature Peul

ByChristiane Seydou

chapter 9|14 pages

Fula lexicography 1

ByMary McIntosh

chapter 10|16 pages

The Fulani Women Poets

ByJean Boyd

part III|82 pages

Nomads and Pastoralists

chapter 12|14 pages

La Brousse Est Morte

ByDiouldé Laya

chapter 15|11 pages

The Fulani of the Jos Plateau 1

ByM. O. Awogbade

part IV|101 pages

Social and Economic Aspects

chapter 16|14 pages

Les SociÉtÉs Et La Civilisation Des Peul

ByThierno Diallo

chapter 17|26 pages

Langue, Culture Et Économie Dans Le Futa GuinÉen 1

ByN. Camara, M. A. Diallo, Z. A. Sanoussi

chapter 18|16 pages

Crises Et Mutations Sociales Au Futa-Jalon

ByM.S. Baldé

chapter 19|15 pages

Le Delta IntÉrieur Du Niger: Organisation Spatiale

BySalmana Cissé

chapter 20|21 pages

Évolution Du Peul Urbain: NgaoundÉrÉ

ByA. Gondolo

chapter 21|7 pages

Peul Majoritaires, Peul Minoritaires

ByDanièle Kintz