Originally published in 1986, this book draws upon a range of authors to reflect wide interest in systematising traditional medicine, and to include material on significant instances of regulation or organisation. It was the first book to study the efforts of traditional healers and their newly formed professional associations and as such constitutes a pioneering collection of sources. Because of the changing position of traditional medicine it may well also be a unique record: before long what is described here will largely have disappeared.

chapter |26 pages


The Professionalisation of African Medicine: Ambiguities and Definitions
ByMurray Last

part I|136 pages

Professional Associations and Government

chapter 1|21 pages

Zinatha: The Organisation of Traditional Medicine in Zimbabwe
ByG. L. Chavunduka

chapter 2|36 pages

Traditional Health Care in Botswana

ByFrants Staugard

chapter 3|11 pages

Associations and Healers: Attitudes towards Collaboration in Tanzania

ByI. A. J. Semali

chapter 4|17 pages

Government, Associations and the University: Liaison in Malawi

ByJerome D. Msonthi

chapter 5|19 pages

The Professionalisation of Indigenous Medicine: A Comparative Study of Ghana and Zambia

ByPatrick A. Twumasi, Dennis Michael Warren

chapter 7|12 pages

The Articulation of Western and Traditional Systems of Health Care

ByCarol MacCormack

part II|107 pages

Professional Knowledge and its Control

chapter 8|23 pages

The Training of Traditional Healers in Mashonaland

ByPamela Reynolds

chapter 10|16 pages

Popular Control Over the Institutions of Health: A Historical Study *

BySteven Feierman

chapter 11|16 pages

National Medical Policies in Nigeria

ByD. D. O. Oyebola

chapter |11 pages


African Medical Professions Today
ByG. L. Chavunduka, Murray Last