Published in 1999, Working Europe: Reshaping European employment systems offers a fresh analysis of recent changes in labour markets and the restructuring of welfare states. The analyzes presented in the articles not only focus on labour market changes, but take up the important issues of: * How labour markets have been regulated and directed * How the various social security systems offered by the welfare state are related to the questions of labour markets and employment systems * How efficient labour market policies are in reducing unemployment * How employment is locally created and initiated * How the gender system is related to employment systems. This book is the first to offer a full picture of the restructuring of the employment systems and the complex relationship between employment, the welfare state and concepts of work.

chapter |4 pages


Edited ByJens Christiansen, Pertti Koistinen, Anne Kovalainen

part I|62 pages

Employment Systems and Regulation

chapter 1|26 pages

Economic Functioning, Self-Sufficiency and Full Employment

ByRoger Tarling, Frank Wilkinson

chapter 2|34 pages

Do Employment and Income Security Cause Unemployment?

ByRobert Buchele, Jens Christiansen

part II|88 pages

Gender System and Employment

chapter 3|28 pages

Welfare Regimes and the Gender Division of Labour

ByBirgit Pfau-Effinger

chapter 4|39 pages

Breaking the Boundaries: Women’s Encounter with the State

ByLilja Mósesdóttir

part III|55 pages

Social Security and Labour Markets

chapter 6|31 pages

Deconstructing Unemployment: Reassessment of Unemployment Measures and Compensation Schemes

ByDamian Grimshaw, Jill Rubery, Mark Smith

chapter 7|21 pages

Life Paths and Labour Market Citizenship

ByAsko Suikkanen, Leena Viinamäki

part IV|75 pages

Labour Market Policies and Their Efficiency

chapter 8|19 pages

The Lessons from the Labour Market Policies of Finland and Sweden

ByPertti Koistinen

chapter 9|14 pages

The Portuguese and Spanish Labour Markets: So Alike Yet So Different

ByAlberto Castro, Pilar Gonzáles, António Osório, Alberto Meixide

chapter 11|19 pages

Toward a Governance of Employment?

ByMichel Lallement

part V|71 pages

Employment Creation and Local Initiatives

chapter 12|20 pages

Local Initiatives as Means of Active Labour Market Policy

ByArja Jolkkonen, Pertti Koistinen, Arja Kurvinen, Seppo Roivas

chapter 13|19 pages

Labour Market Training and Changes in the Labour Market Pathway

ByIiris Mikkonen

chapter 14|18 pages

Labour Pools — Innovative Approach on the Labour Market

ByClaudia Weinkopf

chapter 15|11 pages

New Forms of Social Integration Needed

ByPetri Virtanen

part VI|73 pages

Work-Sharing and Working Time Policies

chapter 16|12 pages

Shorter Working Hours and More Jobs?

ByBirgitta Olsson

chapter 17|20 pages

Regulation of Short-Time Working in France and Germany

ByMichel Lallement, Gilbert Lefèvre

chapter 18|16 pages

Sabbatical Leave Scheme in Finland

ByJouko Nätti

part VII|8 pages

Concluding Remarks