Originally published in 1980 this book examines why adult education historically failed to attract working class students and whether experiences in Northern Ireland, the USA and Italy have any lessons to teach. Drawing together authors committed to adult education, the essays give fresh theoretical perspectives and explore developments of the post-War period, asking if they are designed to remedy educational wrongs or help perpetuate them.

chapter |10 pages


ByJane L. Thompson

part One|2 pages


chapter 1|14 pages

Adult education and the sociology of education: an exploration

BySallie Westwood

chapter 2|20 pages

Adult education: an ideology of individualism

ByAdult Keddie

chapter 4|26 pages

Adult education and the disadvantaged

ByJane L. Thompson

part Two|2 pages

Selected studies

chapter 7|14 pages

Writers’ workshops and working-class culture

ByDavid Evans

chapter 8|19 pages

Adult education and community action

ByTom Lovett

chapter 9|18 pages

Second Chance to Learn, Liverpool: class and adult education

ByMartin Yarnit

chapter 11|6 pages

Adult education for a change

ByJane L. Thompson