With the rise of President Trump, many are coming to question where the United States (U.S.) is headed and, whether we might witness an imperial decline under Trump. Social scientists largely recognize the contemporary hegemonic position of the U.S. at the global level, but questions persist concerning the future of the U.S. Empire. With the Trump Administration at the helm, these questions are all the more salient.

Drawing on the expertise of a panel of contributors and guided by Michael Mann’s model of power, this book critically interrogates the future of U.S. global power and provides insights on what we might expect from the U.S. Empire under Trump. Recognizing that U.S. imperial power involves an array of sources of power (ideological, economic, military, and political), the contributors analyze the Trump Administration’s approach towards nine countries in the Western Hemisphere, and five sets of global policies, including inter-American relations, drugs, trade, the environment, and immigration. Each case presents a historical look at the trajectory of relations as they have developed under Trump and what we might expect in the future from the administration.

The Future of U.S. Empire in the Americas will be of great interest to students and scholars of U.S. foreign policy, Foreign Policy Analysis, political sociology, and American politics.

chapter 2|17 pages

Self-Interest, Prejudice, and Liberalism

A History of U.S. Empire in the Americas
ByAlan McPherson

part 1|197 pages

Country Case Studies

chapter 3|22 pages

Trump and Venezuela

Return to the Monroe Doctrine
ByDavid Smilde

chapter 4|29 pages

From Hostility to Engagement—And Back

U.S. Policy towards Cuba under the Obama and Trump Administrations
ByMartina Kunović

chapter 5|18 pages

U.S.–Mexico Relations in the Trump Era and Beyond

Racial Capitalism Rearticulated
ByDiana Graizbord

chapter 6|22 pages

The More Things Change

Continuities in U.S. Foreign Policy toward Nicaragua under the Trump Administration
ByPamela Neumann

chapter 7|15 pages

Trumping the Agenda?

Continuity and Discontinuity in Foreign Affairs in U.S.-Colombia Relations
ByMagda Catalina Jiménez, Fabio Andrés Díaz Pabón

chapter 8|22 pages

Donald Trump and U.S. Global Power

A View from Argentina
ByAnabella Busso

chapter 9|23 pages

The Empire Strikes Back

U.S.-Brazil Relations from Obama to Trump 1
ByBryan Pitts

chapter 10|20 pages

The Trump Administration and Canada

America First
ByMichael Hawes, Christopher Kirkey

chapter 11|24 pages

Trump and the Continuation of American Empire in Haiti

ByGrace Wu, Kevin Edmonds

part 2|118 pages

Regional Concerns

chapter 12|29 pages

Reaching the Boiling Point

Energy and Climate Policy under the Trump Administration
ByPhilip G. Lewin

chapter 13|22 pages

Old Wine, New Bottles

Presidential Attitudes towards Organized Labor from Carter to Trump
ByJon Shefner, Zachary McKenney

chapter 14|21 pages

Trump and U.S. Drug Policy in the Americas

No End in Sight of War and Repression
ByWilliam Avilés

chapter 15|21 pages

Immigration Policy Under the Trump Administration

ByRachel Navarre

chapter 16|23 pages

Inter-American Relations in the Trump Era

Holding Autonomy behind the Wall
ByMelisa Deciancio, Bruno Dalponte