The latest edition of this renowned textbook explores the states and regimes of the Middle East and North Africa. Presenting heavily revised, fully updated chapters contributed by the world’s leading experts, it analyzes the historical trajectory, political institutions, economic development, and foreign policies of the region’s nearly two dozen countries. The volume can be used in conjunction with its sister volume, The Societies of the Middle East and North Africa, for a comprehensive overview of the region.

Chapters are organized and structured identically, giving insightful windows into the nuances of each country’s domestic politics and foreign relations. Data tables and extensive annotated bibliographies orient readers towards further research. Whether used in conjunction with its sister volume or on its own, this book provides the most comprehensive and detailed overview of the region’s varied politics. Five new experts cover the critical country cases of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. All chapters cover the latest events, including trends that have remarkably changed in just a few years like the gradual end of the Syrian civil war. As such, this textbook is invaluable to students of Middle Eastern politics..

The ninth edition brings substantial changes. All chapters also have a uniform, streamlined structure that explores the historical context, social and economic environment, political institutions, regime dynamics, and foreign policy of each country. Fact boxes and political maps are now far more extensive, and photographs and images also help illustrate key points. Annotated bibliographies are vastly expanded, providing nothing short of the best list of research references for each country.

chapter Chapter 1|38 pages

Political dynamics in the MENA region

1Democracy, authoritarianism, and history
BySean Yom

chapter Chapter 2|1 pages

The context of political life

Geography, economics, and social forces
BySean Yom

part I|2 pages

North Africa

chapter Chapter 3|34 pages

Kingdom of Morocco

ByGregory W. White

chapter Chapter 4|34 pages

People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

ByAzzedine Layachi

chapter Chapter 5|32 pages

Republic of Tunisia

ByLindsay J. Benstead

chapter Chapter 6|26 pages

State of Libya

ByKarim Mezran, Tahani Elmogrbi

chapter Chapter 7|30 pages

Arab Republic of Egypt

ByKira Jumet

part II|2 pages

Near East

chapter Chapter 8|38 pages

State of Israel

ByMira Sucharov, Hamed Mousavi

chapter Chapter 9|34 pages


ByGlenn E. Robinson

chapter Chapter 10|36 pages

Syrian Arab Republic

ByThomas Pierret

chapter Chapter 11|30 pages

Republic of Lebanon

ByImad Salamey

chapter Chapter 12|32 pages

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

ByAndré Bank

chapter Chapter 13|34 pages

Republic of Iraq

ByAriel I. Ahram

chapter Chapter 14|32 pages

Republic of Turkey

ByKristin Fabbe

part III|2 pages

The Gulf

chapter Chapter 15|32 pages

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

BySean Foley

chapter Chapter 16|32 pages

Islamic Republic of Iran

BySaeid Golkar

chapter Chapter 17|68 pages

Gulf states

Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman
ByJill Crystal

chapter Chapter 18|32 pages

Republic of Yemen

ByStacey Philbrick Yadav