The Innovation and Sustainability in Base of the Pyramid Markets series comprises four volumes, covering theoretical perspectives, themes, and various aspects of interest across four key geographical regions where Base of the Pyramid (BOP) markets are located – Latin America, Asia, Africa, and affluent countries. This book focuses on the BOP markets in Asia, and in particular the challenge of how to address the needs of deprived population groups in a sustainable manner.

Base of the Pyramid Markets in Asia deals with, amongst other topics, the innovation and innovativeness that is necessary to better the life of resource-poor population groups. The book covers various themes and aspects of BOP markets in Asia and their embeddedness in socio-cultural settings, and adopts a variety of theoretical angles for analysing the phenomena. Thus, this book aims at furthering our understanding of BOP markets in Asia and at deriving valuable recommendations for managers and policy makers. BOP markets face unique challenges and private sector actors alone cannot ensure sustainable value creation activities. Multidimensional elements and factors are needed to alleviate poverty and create economic development aligned with principles of sustainable development. Therefore, the book comprises critical and empirical studies as well as conceptual papers on the challenges linked to BOP markets in Asian countries.

This book is recommended reading for managers and policy makers, as well as students and academics interested in Base of the Pyramid markets.

part I|46 pages

BOP markets

chapter 1|19 pages

Insights into Asian Base of the Pyramid contexts

Interviews with BOP experts
ByMarlen Gabriele Arnold, Surendra Sah

chapter 2|25 pages

Benefits of cross-border collaboration at Base of the Pyramid markets for innovation improvement

ByUsama Awan, Nazia Suleman, Janne Huiskonen, Andrzej Kraslawski

part II|19 pages

Drivers and barriers of BOP markets

part III|25 pages

Roles, cooperation, and structure in BOP markets

chapter 4|23 pages

Business-NGO collaborations in Turkey

The bottom-of-the-pyramid paradigm
ByTuba Bozaykut-Bük

part IV|41 pages

Design, integration, innovation, and change of BOP markets

chapter 5|17 pages

Systemic constraints to financial inclusion in Bangladesh and recommended solutions

BySajid Amit, Lumbini Barua

chapter 6|22 pages

Contribution and efficiency of social businesses in poverty reduction in Iran

ByMina Mohammadi Khorasani