This book, first published in 1991, addresses the sometimes troublesome relationships between acquisitions librarians and the jobbers with whom they work. Various issues are explored to establish the most efficient and satisfactory methods of selecting a vendor, the way to gain expertise in evaluating the system, and the best ways to reach a successful relationship with the vendor and the public served by the library.

chapter |8 pages

Selection and Evaluation of Vendors…The Vendor Speaks…

The Wondrous Web: Reflections on Library Acquisitions and Vendor Relationships

chapter |16 pages

Selection And Evaluation Of Vendors-The Librarian Speaks …

A Method for Evaluating Vendor Performance

chapter |16 pages

Approval Plans And Vendors

Approval Acquisitions and Vendor Relations: An Overview

chapter |12 pages

Special Reports

Choice at a Distance: A Footnote for an Official History