The contradictory yet complementary relationship between libraries and information brokers is examined in this volume, first published in 1988. Since its escalation in the 1960s, information brokering has challenged the role of the library in society. Librarians discuss their concerns about information brokers - the impact of brokers on reference services, the competence of brokers, abuse of library services by brokers, and whether libraries should provide competing fee-based services. Brokers share their own view as ‘entrepreneurs’, providing background, offering advice, and explaining the risks involved in their business. This lively, often controversial discussion offers suggestions for improving relations between libraries and information brokers, while continuing to serve the public well.

part |1 pages

I. Fee-Based Services: Beginning of an Era

chapter |12 pages

The Age of the Information Broker: An Introduction

ByBrenda C. Rosen

chapter |14 pages

Issues Facing Private Academic Libraries Considering Fee-Based Programs

ByLoretta Caren, Arleen Somerville

part |1 pages

II. Attitudes: Three Surveys and an Opinion

chapter |30 pages

The Attitudes of Academic Reference Librarians Towards Information Brokers

ByElizabeth Bramm Dunn

chapter |12 pages

Working Together—The Librarian and the Broker

ByPatricia Brauch

chapter |8 pages

Librarian and Information Broker: The Challenge of Cooperation

ByChristine Y. Maxwell, Ellen C. Reinheimer

part |1 pages

III. Information Systems and Products: Impact on Reference Services

part |1 pages

IV. Brokers and Consultants, the New Entrepreneurs

chapter |12 pages

The Entrepreneurial Librarian

BySusan E. Feldman

chapter |12 pages

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Successful Information Broker?

ByLynda Nash Leach

chapter |12 pages

To Be or Not to Be an Information Broker

ByAlice Sizer Warner

chapter |10 pages

Information Brokering: Facts and Fantasy

ByEdith F. Anderson

chapter |10 pages

Boss Broker: The Information Entrepreneur as Employer

ByBarbara Whyte Felicetti

chapter |16 pages

Library Consulting: Challenge, Autonomy and Risk

ByMuriel Regan

chapter |6 pages

Consultants for Interlibrary Loan

ByVirginia Boucher

part |1 pages

V. Current Trends in Reference Services

chapter |2 pages


Edited ByRobin Kinder, Bill Katz

chapter |4 pages

The Importance of the Verb in the Reference Question

ByNorman D. Stevens

chapter |16 pages

“I Heard You Say…” Peer Coaching for More Effective Reference Service

ByRalph Gers, Lillie J. Seward

chapter |10 pages

A Funaholic in the Reference Room

ByThomas P. Slavens

chapter |12 pages

Reference Queries, Experience, and Secondary Reference Books

ByZheng Fan, Nancy Slater

chapter |14 pages

Instruction for Genealogists in the Public Library

ByCraig R. Amason

chapter |12 pages

Abstracting for Reference Librarians

ByElliot S. Palais

chapter |8 pages

Searching of East Slavic Materials in Library Catalogs

ByMichael Markiw