This book, first published in 1997, gives an overview of how the Internet is used in academic libraries, with a focus on the dual role librarians serve as instructors and researchers. It includes concise summaries, keyword listings, and up-to-date bibliographies for each chapter. It contains in-depth coverage of, among others: a research planning process that leads searchers to logical sources on the web and a systematic analysis of the results; a case study from the University of Texas at Austin that shows how to integrate information literacy skills into traditional services and partnerships; the development of a web page by a government documents department and a navigational tool developed by a physics laboratory; and identification and evaluation of internet resources for test and measurement tools for education and psychology and a selected bibliography listing resources for internet trainers.

chapter |1 pages

How Some Web Pages Came About

ByKatharine A. Waugh

part |1 pages


chapter |5 pages

Endings/Beginnings: Some Convergent Thoughts About Cyberinstruction

BySusan Griswold Blandy

part |1 pages

The Challenge of the Internet-Taxonomy Convergence

chapter |2 pages

The Internet Response Meter

ByKatharine A. Waugh

part |1 pages

The Challenge of the Internet Order-Chaos Convergence

chapter |3 pages

It’s WWWar! A Rollicking New Comedy Series

BySusan Griswold Blandy

chapter |12 pages

Library Instruction on the Web: Inventing Options and Opportunities

ByCorinne Y. C. Laverty

part |1 pages

The Challenge of Specific Convergences: Internet Instruction Site Applications

chapter |2 pages

For the Purpose of This Assignment

ByKatharine A. Waugh

chapter |14 pages

Electronic Instruction at Carlson Library: Emerging Challenges

ByPhillips John C., King-Blandford Marcia

part |1 pages

The Challenge of Specific Convergences: Subject-Oriented Internet Sources

chapter |2 pages

Ours Is a Highly Interactive Web Page

ByKatharine A. Waugh

chapter |10 pages

Instructional Opportunities of a Subject-Oriented (Law) Web Page

ByJohn A. Lehner, Trudi E. Jacobson

part |1 pages

The Challenge of Specific Convergences: Internet User Populations

chapter |2 pages

The Trash-Lacan Chat Room …

ByKatharine A. Waugh

chapter |20 pages

Internet Access in School Library Media Centers

ByNancy Everhart

chapter |16 pages

Designing Internet Instruction for Latinos

ByLori S. Mestre

chapter |9 pages

One Thing Leads to Another: Faculty Outreach Through Internet Instruction

ByBorowske Kate, Campbell Karen

part |1 pages

“Hot” Bibliographies

chapter |26 pages

Internet Resources for Tests and Measurements

ByBrian Quinn

chapter |6 pages

Select Bibliography of Resources for Internet Trainers

ByHollis Near