First published in 1995. Here, republished for the first time, is the first edition text of Jane Austen's much loved classic masterpieces. A rare and inaccessible resource for most scholars, the first editions are unique documents in the history of English literature. Volume 1 covers Godmersham and Goodnestone, Austens and Knights, Steventon and Chawton, as well as her novel and letters.




Letters of Jane Austen

chapter I|23 pages

Godmersham and Goodnestone.

chapter II|19 pages

Austens and Knights.

chapter III|16 pages

Steventon and Chawton, Winchester.

chapter IV|22 pages

The Novels.

chapter V|31 pages

The Novels.

part |262 pages


part |36 pages


chapter |13 pages

Critical Remarks

chapter I|5 pages

Steventon: Saturday (January 9).

chapter II|4 pages

Steventon: Thursday (January 16).

chapter IV|5 pages

Rowling: Thursday (September 1).

chapter V|4 pages

Rowling: Monday (September 5).

chapter VI|5 pages

Rowling: Thursday (September 15).

chapter VII|3 pages

Rowling: Sunday (September 18).

part |57 pages

1798, 1799

chapter |5 pages

Critical Remarks

chapter VIII|4 pages

‘Bull and George,’ Dartford:

chapter IX|7 pages

Steventon: Saturday (October 27).

chapter X|6 pages

Saturday, November 17, 1798.

chapter XI|5 pages

Steventon: Sunday (November 25).

chapter XII|6 pages

Steventon: December 1.

chapter XIII|7 pages

Steventon: Tuesday (December 18).

chapter XV|2 pages

Steventon: Friday (December 28).

chapter XVI|8 pages

Steventon: Tuesday (January 8).

chapter XVII|8 pages

Steventon: Monday (January 21).

part |20 pages


chapter |2 pages

Critical Remarks

chapter XVIII|5 pages

13, Queen’s Square, Friday (May 17).

chapter XIX|5 pages

13, Queen Square, Sunday (June 2).

chapter XX|6 pages

13, Queen Square, Tuesday (June 11).

part |52 pages

1800, 1801

chapter |5 pages

Critical Remarks

chapter XXIII|6 pages

Steventon: Saturday (November 1).

chapter XXIV|8 pages

Steventon: Thursday (November 20).

chapter XXV|8 pages

Steventon: Saturday (January 3).

chapter XXVI|6 pages

Steventon: Thursday (January 8).

chapter XXVII|6 pages

Steventon: Wednesday (January 14).

chapter XXVIII|6 pages

Steventon: Wednesday (January 21).

chapter XXIX|5 pages

Steventon: Sunday (January 25).

part |19 pages


chapter |2 pages

Critical Remarks

chapter XXX|7 pages

Paragon: Tuesday (May 6).

chapter XXXI|6 pages

Paragon: Tuesday (May 12).

chapter XXXII|7 pages

Paragon: Thursday (May 21).

part |17 pages


chapter |3 pages

Critical Remarks

chapter XXXIII|6 pages

Godmersham Park: Saturday (August 24).

chapter XXXIV|5 pages

Goodnestone Farm: Tuesday (August 27).

chapter XXXV|5 pages

Goodnestone Farm: Friday (August 80).

part |25 pages


chapter |2 pages

Critical Remarks

chapter XXXVI|9 pages

Southampton: Wednesday (January 7).

chapter XXXVII|9 pages

Southampton: February 8.

chapter XXXVIII|7 pages

Southampton: Friday (February 20).

part |40 pages


chapter |7 pages

Critical Remarks

chapter XXXIX|9 pages

Godmersham: Wednesday (June 15).

chapter XL|9 pages

Godmersham: Monday (June 20).

chapter XLI|9 pages

Godmersham: Sunday (June 26).

chapter XLII|9 pages

Godmersham: Thursday (June 20).