This multi-volume reset collection will addresses significant shortfall in scholarly work, offering contemporary reviews of the work of Romantic women writers to a wider audience.

part |212 pages


chapter |10 pages

New Annual Register 1

chapter |25 pages

New Lady’s Magazine

Edited ByStephanie Eckroth

chapter |17 pages

New London Magazine

chapter |24 pages

Scots Magazine

chapter |23 pages

Town and Country Magazine 1

Edited ByLeigh Bonds

chapter |1 pages


chapter |35 pages

Universal Magazine and Review

Edited ByRobin Hammerman

chapter |33 pages

Walker’s Hibernian Magazine

chapter |18 pages

Weekly Entertainer

part |159 pages


chapter |10 pages

Aberdeen Magazine

chapter |55 pages

Analytical Review

chapter |3 pages

Annual Register

chapter |1 pages

Attic Miscellany

Edited ByRobin Hammerman

chapter |11 pages

Biographical and Imperial Magazine 1

Edited ByFiona E. Robinson

chapter |59 pages

Critical Review